thought of the week: orbit wisely.

happy saturday! i hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend – lord knows i needed it. anyway, on to our thought of the week…

i have found myself being even more protective over my energy this year. it could be because i am 30, it could be because we are in a pandemic or it could be because my career requires me to give quite a bit of myself from both an emotional and mental standpoint.

while i am fortunate to have both quality and quantity in terms of the relationships in my life, i truly believe that the people closest to you serve as mirrors of who you are. i have also found that i often pick up on the energy of those around me. that includes the good, the bad and the ugly. do you find that happens for you?

i discuss this concept with my clients quite a bit. there is nothing wrong with being protective over your energy. in fact, i encourage it. i came across a quote recently that hits the nail on head regarding the people you choose to be around.

“the people you surround yourself with, are like your planets. orbit wisely.” -rachel wolchin

who are you surrounding yourself with? are they giving as much as they are taking? what is your energy like after being with them?


k. tap