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happy hump day!

so, you all know how much i love supporting small businesses, especially ones that are being run by wonderful women. if you are looking for comfortable, cozy and chic loungewear, look no further. hazy + rose has everything you need.

i typically don’t use words like always/never/everything because they aren’t usually applicable. hazy + rose is the exception. from colors to cuts to customization to true size inclusivity, there really is something for everyone. i know that even on the days i am working from home, i often want something a step above pajamas but that still feels comfortable to be in all day. hazy + rose hits the nail on the head. you can visit their instagram here.

when they launched a couple of weeks ago, i hopped online a bit too late in the day to order everything i wanted but knew i needed the take it easy tee. here in la, we are still having summer weather so i was holding off on the crewnecks. naturally, my friend biz (one of the three founders) hit me up to tell me she had ordered an olive crewneck especially for me but left it blank so i could customize it with whatever i wanted. first of all, i was flattered because this was totally unexpected. secondly, i could not think of what i wanted it to say. i ended up telling her to print whatever she thought described me best and that my only request was that everything be in lowercase letters. i was obsessed when this came in the mail!

who doesn’t love champagne for breakfast? it goes perfectly with my cream and gold mug.

back to hazy + rose – my take it easy tee is so soft and i love the color scheme.

how could you not be absolutely obsessed?

i also was impressed with how fast things were shipped, especially considering the pandemic. i was able to track my order the entire way. does anyone else obsess over shipping when buying things online or is it just me?

tomorrow, 10.15, there is going to be amazing new merchandise released. if you are looking to customize anything, just shoot the girls at hazy + rose a dm. they would love to hear from you and are constantly adding new items and sizes based on requests from their clients. what’s not to love?

once you order, let me know your favorite item!


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#girlboss (& all the blondie shop things)

i cannot tell you guys how long i have been waiting to write this post.


#girlboss – when i see that hashtag, i think of so many phenomenal women who are in my orbit, myself included.  so imagine my excitement when an old friend of mine, hayley, (who happens to be one of the women who encouraged me most to start this blog after successfully building her own) started expanding her business.  first, there were shirts.  next, there were all of these amazing pink items – pens, tumblers and beauty & the beast inspired rose domes.  but the item i was anxiously anticipating?


this #girlboss notebook.



it is not secret that i love organization, to do lists, planners, stationary, notebooks, etc. – you name it, i own it and use it regularly.  one of the things a standard notebook is missing is structure.  one of the things that makes a traditional planner annoying from time to time are the dates and it being impossible to customize it exactly as you want it.



the #girlboss notebook found a way to fuse together all of the things i love most.  i think it is even better that this came during quarantine when my day to day looks different than it used to.  it even has a little section to just remind you to take a moment – something that is more crucial now than it has ever been.  plus, i love that even though it is a spiral notebook, it is protected by the hard vegan leather cover (which is an added bonus if you ask me).  not only is it chic but it will not get hooked on things in your bag.  i have had that happen more times than i can count.



but here is what really sealed the deal on my purchase: i am all about supporting small businesses.  i feel even more passionately about doing so when it is a friend who often gives so much of herself to her loved ones without asking for anything in return.  that is who hayley is – she constantly shows unconditional love and positive regard to those around her.  it should have come as no surprise to me that she included something i did not even order…



how cute is this tumbler?  i might be trying to up my skincare game with face masks, wearing sunscreen more regularly (thanks, carolynn!) and drunk elephant products but at the end of the day, that it not enough if i am not drinking enough water.  this tumbler is the perfect reminder of just that.  i also cannot get over just how long my water has stayed cold.  a game changer for the summer months for sure.


who are the girl bosses in your life?  have you told them lately how grateful you are for their presence?  even though quality time is my primary love language, can you tell i have been trying to work on my words of affirmation?


hayley – you’re the fucking best.



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what i can’t live without while working from home

hey there! i know many of you are adjusting to working from home like i am while we are quarantined due to the shelter in place order. something i noticed were my eyes being super sore or having headaches far more frequently than what i am used to. this was even happening after getting enough rest and being properly hydrated. i was baffled.

flash forward to a couple of conversations with friends from college and i had my answer: i am not used to working behind a screen all day. as someone that works as a counselor, the bulk of my work is done face to face. i might spend an hour a day on emails and client notes but the bulk of my day is spent looking at faces and body language, not a computer screen. i hadn’t considered the impact of the blue light on my vision.

that’s where my glasses from the book club come in:

not only have the headaches and sore eyes gone away, but i am absolutely obsessed with how cute these are. they have a few different styles but i was aiming for something neutral, durable and stylish. and for just $40 from nordstrom, i couldn’t say no. plus, whenever i can rack up points to get a new nordstrom note, i do.

once we are back in the office, i will likely get a pair to keep at my desk. i have found myself using them even when blogging just to have a layer of protection/separation between my eyes and the screens i spend so much time looking at on a day to day basis.

i don’t know how i went so long without these! they surely would’ve come in handy while in grad school. but now, with me working from home, i couldn’t live without these.


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gucci gang, gucci gang, gucci gang

i wish i could tell you that “gucci gang” by lil’ pump wasn’t a song that got stuck in my head more times than i could count but that would be a lie.  it is just too damn catchy and is short enough to want to play it on loop a few times.


while i have my fair share of great leather handbags, i did not have any high end leather wallets or cardholders.  somehow, anjelica and aaron always seem to know just what i need for my birthday.  for my 30th, one of the the items they gifted me was this stunning emerald green gucci card case.



one of the funny things about this was that anj was sure about the color choice but aaron was surprised.  i think oftentimes, people do not realize that green is my favorite color.  i don’t wear a lot of green but it is a color i find to be so aesthetically pleasing.  lucky for you, if green is not your cup of tea, this gucci card case also comes in hibiscus red, nero (black) and porcelain rose (a deep blush).  all of them have the double g hardware in a warm gold.

it is sleek, chic and holds all of your essentials. for me, that’s my driver license, a credit card, my insurance card, my nordstrom card (i could never leave home without it) and a small slit in the middle for a few bills.


and as if this wasn’t already a fantastic gift (along with some great makeup items i cannot wait to post about when i actually have somewhere to go), the best gift they gave me was telling me i would be an aunt to their first born this september.  my hope is that anjelica will write all about it on her blog for all of you mothers and mamas to be out there.


i cannot wait to use this in place of my bulky wallet, especially when carrying smaller handbags/clutches.



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statement studs

before covid-19 quarantine was in full swing, i was in the bay area earlier this month and had dinner with two girlfriends.  i had not seen one of them at all in 2020 and she brought my birthday gift bag to dinner.  while i loved each item, my favorite was the pair of statement studs from target by the brand: a new day.



for years, i was a huge fan of dangling earrings.  then, when i was in grad school and balancing multiple jobs in various environments, including working with kids, i realized studs were the way to go for me unless it was a special occasion.  sometimes, they felt a bit boring or just blah.  once i found fun studs like these, it made me feel a bit more excited about my look, especially when my hair is pulled off my face (slash thrown into a messy bun/top knot).



what i love is that these earrings are nickel free so i know my ears will not be agitated.  another great thing is that this beautiful pair was just under $10!  you really cannot beat that.  while the selection may vary by store, i have linked my favorite pairs from this particular brand at target if you want to order online (and avoid stores to flatten the curve):








which pair do you like the most?


stay safe out there!



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