something i noticed in the couple of weeks i have been working from home is the amount of time i spend in front of a screen.  whether it be a video conference, updating spreadsheets or responding to dozens of emails, i am in front of a screen at least 5x the amount i typically am during a work day.  that being said, i do not just want to spend my time quarantined binging shows (even though i definitely will do some of that).  i have decided to read (and post) a book per week.  not only is it guaranteed time away from a screen (because i refuse to read on a kindle/ipad), it is guaranteed time to have my mind focus on something other than covid-19 and its effect on the world as a whole and each of my clients.  sometimes, we all just need a healthy distraction.


this week, my distraction was the revised and expanded version of “inward” by yung pueblo.  it was one of the gifts i received for my 30th birthday that i know will be revisited time and time again.  that’s the thing about a great book – it never goes out of style.  thank you so much, jenny.  it was exactly what i didn’t know i needed.



in many ways, “inward” mirrors the types of conversations i have with jenny over sushi or coffee. it made me happy to realize how much we’ve both grown in both vulnerability and being able to ask for help when needed. “inward” highlights how you can challenge yourself while still being gentle with yourself. the two can definitely coexist.

below are some of my favorite poems.  the book is full of words that stopped me in my tracks, jumpstarted deep reflection and made me grateful of the progress i have made thus far while acknowledging the work that still needs to be done.



to get a copy of “inward” without leaving your home, click here.

is there a poem above that resonated with you? which one and why?



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thought of the week: appreciate the ones who…

while the number of hours i spend working a week have oddly increased during quarantine, i also have the occasional gap in my day that allows time for self reflection or connection with important people in my life.

with all of the uncertainty in the world right now, it is even more important to lean on one another. vulnerability is grossly underrated.

my thought of the week, courtesy of billy chapata, is simple yet powerful:

“appreciate the ones who carry your concerns when your soul feels heavy. the ones who put their load down for a brief moment to check in on you and make you feel lighter. the ones who resist from weighing you down with their opinion but instead, offer you a space free of judgement.”

there is something beautiful and unifying about someone putting their loads down, even just for a moment, to be sure that those they love are doing okay. that space becomes even more desirable when it is judgment free.

this pandemic has created a lot of stress and reignited some grief, loss and trauma for those who have lost someone either unexpectedly or due to something respiratory related.

i have had a lot of people reach out to me to ask me what they can do to help and i think oftentimes, we think if it is not something that helps millions of people, it isn’t helpful. i strongly disagree.

check in on your loved ones, especially the ones who normally hold others up. schedule a facetime or two per day to just remind those closest to you that you love them and that they are not alone during this time.

for all of those who have checked in on me, agreed to scheduling a facetime, answered an unscheduled facetime or just sent me a text or dm to inquire about the wellness of me, my family and my clients, i love you more than you know.

for those of you who normally are slow to initiate contact with your loved ones, i couldn’t think of a better time to start.

stay safe out there.


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statement studs

before covid-19 quarantine was in full swing, i was in the bay area earlier this month and had dinner with two girlfriends.  i had not seen one of them at all in 2020 and she brought my birthday gift bag to dinner.  while i loved each item, my favorite was the pair of statement studs from target by the brand: a new day.



for years, i was a huge fan of dangling earrings.  then, when i was in grad school and balancing multiple jobs in various environments, including working with kids, i realized studs were the way to go for me unless it was a special occasion.  sometimes, they felt a bit boring or just blah.  once i found fun studs like these, it made me feel a bit more excited about my look, especially when my hair is pulled off my face (slash thrown into a messy bun/top knot).



what i love is that these earrings are nickel free so i know my ears will not be agitated.  another great thing is that this beautiful pair was just under $10!  you really cannot beat that.  while the selection may vary by store, i have linked my favorite pairs from this particular brand at target if you want to order online (and avoid stores to flatten the curve):








which pair do you like the most?


stay safe out there!



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telecommuting essentials

working from home has been quite the adjustment but honestly, i am just grateful to still have a job AND to be allowed to telecommute during this pandemic aka covid-19. something i have noticed is this midday slump i have been experiencing. it is probably due to me not walking around from building to building on campus for meetings or just getting as much fresh air as usual.

well, even though it is late march, i am finally putting the french press my mom got me for christmas to good use. but what good is a french press without good coffee? luckily, my quarterly shipment from nocking point comes with not only three bottles of wine but an article of clothing and a bag of coffee.

the most recent shipment included a bag of medium roast coffee with beans from central america and east africa. it has subtle notes of fruit and bakers chocolate but what i smelled most was caramel. so naturally, i had to make my own iced caramel macchiatos.

at first, the french press was intimidating just because whenever i get coffee, i am rolling through a starbucks drive-thru or going to a local mom and pop shop. however, my friend annie gave me a coffee grinder (since she has four) and i decided what better time than quarantine to put the french press to good use?

not only was the coffee delicious but it was probably half of the calories of my typical starbucks order.

what are your telecommuting essentials?


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things have been fucking weird over the last couple of weeks here in la (and worldwide, la was just late to the party) due to covid-19.  so weird in fact that i could not pinpoint why i felt a shift this morning when i woke up.  i felt the need to extend myself to others in this time of complete confusion and chaos.  after dropping off my rent check in their mailbox this morning, a small gesture i thought i could offer was letting my landlords (an elderly couple) know that i would be happy to run any errands they needed while i am working from home to avoid them leaving their cute home in pasadena.


since i was already out, i indulged and swung by the starbucks drive thru to get a venti iced chai with soy and an added espresso shot.  the sweet guy at the register complimented my braids and i thanked him.  as i reached to grab my phone for him to scan, i caught a glimpse of the tattoo on my arm.  i read and reread the roman numerals.  then i realized what day it was. march 22.


today marks 18 years since my uncle passed.  i only had one that i got the opportunity to know (my dad’s brother passed when i was a baby) so uncle melvin or “squeaky” as we called him, was everything to me.  i trusted him fully. we belly laughed together regularly.  i still stop whatever i am doing to watch the green mile whenever it is on tv because we watched it together more times than i could count.


he had the biggest heart and was always looking for ways, both big and small, to help others.  with the current state of our world, we should all follow suit (to the best of our abilities).  this quote made me think of him…




“when we lose someone we love we must learn not to live without them, but to live with the love they left behind.”


i am currently jamming out to maze and frankie beverly (one of his favorite groups) and thinking of other ways i can continue to honor his legacy moving forward.


today, without even knowing what day it was initially, i lived with the love he left behind.


how do you live with the love your loved ones have left behind?  i would love to hear about it.



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