mondays made better with mohala eyewear

i might have gone back to work today, but mentally, i am still in the desert with my girls at coachella. this may have been my sixth coachella but it was my first time having a great pair of sunglasses that fit as if they were customized for my face. i can’t wait for you to meet mohala.

last year, i had the pleasure of being able to connect with the founder of mohala eyewear, ashley johnson, through my great friend, jude. we are all scu grads and women of color. i was thrilled at the opportunity to be able to support a female operated business. this was only amplified when i found out their mission was to create glasses to fit you perfectly – they are able to do this by having various nose bridges, widths and adjustable frames. it is the very first time i have had a pair of glasses feel totally comfortable, no matter the length of time, on my wider nose.

do you know what’s even better? every pair of sunglasses sold sends a young girl to school for a week. as someone who values education and giving back in a meaningful way, i can’t say enough wonderful things about mohala eyewear.

there is a great quiz to help you find the perfect fit for you. i am wearing the keana cherry blossom tortoise sunglasses. with how great they fit, i am trying to decide what color to order next!

to snag a pair, visit mohala eyewear and get 10% off with code: ktapthat10.


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