world mental health day

what are you doing to be sure you are taken care of? in honor of world mental health day, i wanted to share things i am making a conscious effort to do more of:

1. listening to my body – if i am not feeling well, i don’t simply try to power through; rest is necessary

2. scheduling time with loved ones so i have people/interactions to look forward to whether it be a facetime or a road trip

3. asking for help when needed whether it be from my inner circle or one of the therapists i’ve seen over the years

4. setting boundaries that feel good for me

5. reframing vulnerability as a strength

6. being kind to myself

7. long, candlelit baths

8. baking lemon bars (makes me feel close to grammy)

9. buying beautiful bouquets for my home

10. weekly dinners with pooh bear

11. journaling (i have one for calm, one for gratitude and one for happiness)

12. using “no.” as a full sentence

13. advocating for myself and others


k. tap

thought of the week: depth.

during the middle of summer, i was feeling a bit down. i really was craving normalcy which for me typically includes tons of travel, live music and quality time with friends and family. more than anything, i was tired of having the same conversations over and over again about the pandemic. while covid is absolutely real, there are millions of other things going on. and as someone who hates small talk, i was sick of answering the same questions.

my friend elisa sent me a quote that she said made her think of me. upon reading it, i smiled because it was so fitting. and not only did it fit my vibe during quarantine, it fits my vibe year around.

“hard to be deep with those who swim in shallow water.” -james charles morris

i am someone who really values meaningful connection. during quarantine, i have had to be so much more intentional about how to factor those deep conversations into my week. while during covid, there has been nonstop conversation about physical health, i wanted to take some time to highlight both mental and emotional health.

have you been carving out time and space to have deep conversations with people around you? are the people around you capable of depth?

my mental and emotional health tanks cannot be filled without depth. what are your mental and emotional health needs?