52 lists

earlier this year, i was gifted two separate care packages from extraordinary friends from boxfox. while there were a wide array of goodies, something both boxes had in common were journals. i noticed one journal looked similar to another i had been gifted for my birthday. it is as though my friends knew what i needed even when i didn’t.

let me introduce you to 52 lists by moorea seal…

outside of the journals being beautiful, something i love is that while you can easily do an entry per week since there are 52 lists in each book, there is no pressure if you miss a week because there are no dates printed in the journals. while i am nowhere near finished with each journal, in looking ahead at the prompts for the year, i loved each enough to gift to friends and have recommended both to clients on journeys to create calm and/or happiness in their own lives.

52 lists for happiness – weekly journaling inspiration for positivity, balance and joy is broken down into four parts: reflect, acknowledge, invest and transform. some of my favorite prompts are: list the best choices you have made in your life so far; list the things in your life you are actually able to control; list the ways that you think someone you love would describe you; list the people you want to spend more time with before the end of the year; list how where you are right now fulfills dreams and desires of your past.

52 lists for calm – journaling inspiration for soothing anxiety and creating a peaceful life is broken down into four parts, as well: be present, look back, move forward and release. some of my favorite prompts are: list the ways that you tend to feel stress in yourself body; list the songs that feel like comfort, peace, calm and rest; list all the people in your life that you have felt comfortable talking to and felt heard by; list the people you think of as your chosen family; list the things you would say to other people if you had the courage.

if looking for a way to treat yourself or an incredibly thoughtful gift to give to someone, you can find 52 lists for happiness and 52 lists for calm on amazon.

do you have either of these? if not, do you have any of the other 52 lists journals?


k. tap

thought of the week: you can’t get upset when it rains

it’s safe to say that 2020 hasn’t been a breeze for most of us. in the same breath, i have been putting in a substantial amount of work when it comes to goal setting and figuring out ways to hit my one, five and ten year plan. it hasn’t been easy and it hasn’t always been fun. in fact, many times, it has been tumultuous and felt overwhelming. i rested when necessary (which was a new concept for me) and found innovative ways to stay motivated; it has paid off. in the last two weeks, i have been presented with some exciting opportunities for next year.

it made me think of this quote i saw back in august and it was too good not to share:

“if you have the audacity to ask the universe for something, make sure you have the courage to show up and put in the work for it to arrive.

you can’t ask for rainbows then get upset when it rains.” -judith martinez, founder of in her shoes

yes, i absolutely had to weather the storm this year. as we enter the last month of 2020, i find myself feeling incredibly reflective. this year has required me to be more courageous and in doing so, there seem to be some great things on the horizon.

that being said, i have two questions for you:

1. do you get upset when it rains in your life?

2. have you been working to create your rainbow?


k. tap