bacon cheddar jalapeño guacamole

one of my favorite things to make when hosting are things that are easily shareable, not messy and i almost always choose savory over sweet. while there are a million ways to make it, i have to introduce you to my bacon cheddar jalapeño guacamole.

here’s what you’ll need:

  • 6 medium avocados
  • 1 medium tomato
  • 1/4 of a red onion
  • 2 jalapeños
  • 1 bunch of cilantro
  • 1 tbsp of minced garlic
  • 2 limes
  • kosher salt (to taste)
  • 1/3 cup of grated sharp cheddar cheese
  • 4 strips of bacon
  • tortilla chips (i personally love tostitos with a hint of jalapeño or a hint of lime)


  1. throw four strips of bacon in a cast iron skillet on medium heat
  2. in a midsized bowl (i used a 6 cup round pyrex dish with a lid), scoop out the avocados into the bowl and save one pit
  3. using a fork, mash the avocados
  4. dice the tomato, onion and jalapeños and chop the cilantro – i leave the seeds in my jalapeños for an extra kick but if that sounds too aggressive, scoop them out beforehand
  5. turn your bacon over
  6. add the veggies to the bowl containing the avocados
  7. add a tablespoon of minced garlic and the juice from two limes to the mixture
  8. mix up ingredients thoroughly and add salt to taste (i would say go a bit lighter on the salt because the bacon and cheddar provide some salt as well)
  9. remove bacon from heat and sit on a paper towel to absorb the grease
  10. add pit to center of guacamole mixture (to keep it green)
  11. clean edge of the bowl with a lime wedge
  12. add 1/3 of sharp cheddar cheese to the center
  13. crumble four strips of bacon around the cheese to line the bowl
  14. serve with your favorite chips/vegetable sticks and enjoy!

once you make it, let me know what you think!


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son & garden

as i wrap up my week of posts about the bay, i could not help but save this brunch spot (i had been dying to go to) for sunday funday. christine and i hadn’t seen each other in the flesh since the first weekend of march so when there was a chance to try a spot neither of us had been to while beating seated outdoors, we couldn’t say no.

welcome to son & garden.

there are two locations – one in sf and the one we went to in menlo park. son & garden was so cute! it was an added bonus that the associates were friendly and incredibly mindful of all things covid related. after we were temperature checked, we were escorted to our table.

last sunday was the first truly cold day in the bay so it was good that christine and i dressed in layers because it windy af. while we were under a covered patio with heaters, we were not directly underneath one and it showed. during this time of year, if you are going to be doing any outdoor dining, i would suggest bringing layers or even a blanket. anyway, on to what we ordered!

i started with earl grey tea to knock the chill off + to give me a bit more time to decide what to order. i mean – what do you do when literally everything looks good?

i ended up getting the korean benedict which comes with a bone in short rib and kimchi fried rice. the eggs were perfectly poached, the hollandaise was made fresh in house and the rainbow potatoes were delightful. i don’t know what i did to deserve this benedict but lord knows i thoroughly enjoyed it.

in lieu of dessert, christine and i opted for a cocktail and it was just dreamy. cloud 9 is this fruity, bubbly goodness that is sparkling wine based and has edible flowers and a candied butterfly. as a girl that grew up loving cotton candy, i had to get my hands on this drink. and yes, it tasted as good as it looks. to both our pleasure and surprise, it was not overly sweet! when i return, i will definitely do one at the start and end of my meal.

we certainly will be back and i cannot wait to explore more of the menu.

i’m getting ready for a brunch date now before starting a two week quarantine to prep to visit my new nephew (enzo) in the bay. i hope you each are having a true sunday funday.


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kennie’s 30th birthday – napa edition

i will be the first to say how grateful i am that i was able to properly celebrate turning 30 in vegas this year before the entire world shut down. one by one, i watched as the cancellation texts, emails and phone calls came through for so many of the 30th birthday celebrations my friends had planned. it was a bummer for all of us – 30 is a big deal.

kennie was no different. she was hoping to get all her friends together in either hawaii or nyc – both places holding a special spot in her heart as a home away from home. during one of our lengthy facetime calls, she mentioned how it just seemed like there would be no way to celebrate. i just couldn’t allow that to happen, especially to someone who is ALWAYS willing to show up to celebrate others. from la to vegas to hosting my grad school graduation celebration, kennie is a ride or die. i told her it might look different but it could be done. i suggested doing a few small celebrations so her birthday could still be acknowledged in a safe way. she was shocked when i told her i would be willing to drive to the bay. then, she mentioned she had never been to napa.

kennie, born and raised in the bay, lover of wine, had never been to napa. that’s all i needed to hear.

i told her how most wineries were not seating parties bigger than six so to choose four other guests (in addition to us) and i would map out a full day of fun. it was good to see her getting excited about her special day again. lucky for me, brianna was one of the guests. as a fellow aquarian and master planner, i knew i would have some help getting her big day together.

this past saturday, we loaded up the car and made our way to napa. there were definitely some bumps in the road (like us missing our first reservation due to one of our guests being late for pickup), but somehow, everything seemed to work out the way it was supposed to.

we started off at hog island island oyster company for some much needed champagne, oysters and chowder.

next, we made our way to madonna estate where bob made sure we had the most delicious rosé and pinot noir. this is where these phenomenal boxes by brianna were served. who doesn’t love tortellini on a stick? it was everything i never knew i needed. i got these wine glasses from amazon because they were too hilarious not to purchase.

i will admit that we saved the best for last – i am a member at domaine carneros and wanted kennie to be treated like the queen she is. dan at domaine absolutely made sure that happened. from us being seated with the most stunning view to him serving kendall an exclusive glass of le reve to us staying far past our reservation slot, everything about domaine carneros was perfect.

happy 30th birthday, kennie! i love you so much.


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telefèric barcelona

over the next week, all of my posts will be bay centered. over the last month, i have gone to the bay area on two separate weekends to change my scenery, spend time with loved ones and recenter/refocus. it has been so good for my soul.

when jason and vana moved to walnut creek, i was thrilled for them. i couldn’t wait to give them restaurant recommendations. telefèric barcelona was the first one i gave and it didn’t disappoint. naturally, i had to go when i was there a couple of weeks ago with taylor. this time, i finally documented my experience. who doesn’t love authentic spanish tapas?

here are some things you have to try when you go:

we had to start with cocktails – i had the watermelon martini and tay had the sangria barceloneta. both were fruity, fresh, light snd perfect for an afternoon.

the crab croquetas were amazing and the tuna sashimi was a touch i’ve never had anywhere else. now? i don’t want it any other way.

the patatas bravas were golden, fried perfectly and flavor packed.

salmon tartar tasted even better than it looks! it being served with fresh corn tortillas was the perfect addition.

i have never had anything from telefèric and not loved it. this time was no different.

i would make a reservation to be safe. thank god for opentable.

when you go to telefèric, please tell me what you indulge in.


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black girl magic rosé

i am a sucker for a good rosé and this one by the mcbride sisters might be my new favorite!

it was gifted to me by my dear friend, tay. like me, she appreciates good wine and loves supporting small businesses, especially when owned by black women.

*a photo of tay and i at the sf vintners estate event last fall – we always say yes to wine!

the mcbride sisters were long lost sisters who connected and created something magical. they are now the largest black owned wine company in the united states but what i love most is that they are both sustainable and socially aware.

they seem to have something for everybody – whether you love riesling, rosé, reds or something sparkling, there are beautifully bottled options to choose from.

to get your hands on a bottle of rosé, click here. to shop the rest of their collection, click here.

have you tried any of the mcbride sisters wine? if so, which is your favorite?


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