32 (part two).

after a much needed day of recovery on my actual birthday, my mom and i flew to the bay area on valentine’s day. we landed a little ahead of schedule, our suite was ready even though we were checking in four hours early and the weather was perfect.

last year, felecia and i spent valentine’s day with kendall and dom. when we realized we would be in the bay again on valentine’s day, it only seemed right to keep tradition alive. my dear friend, nick, wanted to join us for dinner. when i said we’d love that and just needed to make a new reservation, he took the reigns and booked at one of favorite restaurants without even realizing it – telefèric barcelona.

i had only ever been to the walnut creek location but since we were staying in the south bay, nick made the reservation for the one in los gatos. it was my first time going with a larger group so i was able to try many things on the menu i hadn’t previously. we had the best experience – not only was the service outstanding, the food was incredible and the drinks were delicious.

far more food was ordered than what was captured below however i had to include some of our favorites.

spanish meatballs – felecia and kendall were obsessed with these!
catalan tomahawk 40oz. served with dipping sauces and potatoes – one of the best steaks i have ever had in my entire life.
paella mixta (pork, chicken, shrimp and octopus) – we had them double the order since four of us would be sharing it (felecia is allergic to shellfish so she couldn’t indulge in this portion)
gothic mojito (i chose passion fruit however strawberry and raspberry were also options)

as if the top notch dinner and even better company weren’t enough, nick surprised us and treated everyone (including kendall and dom whom he had just met that night) to dinner for my birthday/valentine’s day. my favorite card i received this year was from nick. felecia also nearly died when he handed her a valentine’s day card. i am constantly reminded of how wonderful my friends and family are – it is even better when i get to bring different groups together.

mama bear, me, nick, kennie and dom

if you find yourself in the bay area and in need of delicious spanish cuisine, book a reservation through opentable at telefèric barcelona. there is one in walnut creek, one in palo alto and the one we went to in los gatos (the other two locations are in spain).


k. tap

telefèric barcelona

over the next week, all of my posts will be bay centered. over the last month, i have gone to the bay area on two separate weekends to change my scenery, spend time with loved ones and recenter/refocus. it has been so good for my soul.

when jason and vana moved to walnut creek, i was thrilled for them. i couldn’t wait to give them restaurant recommendations. telefèric barcelona was the first one i gave and it didn’t disappoint. naturally, i had to go when i was there a couple of weeks ago with taylor. this time, i finally documented my experience. who doesn’t love authentic spanish tapas?

here are some things you have to try when you go:

we had to start with cocktails – i had the watermelon martini and tay had the sangria barceloneta. both were fruity, fresh, light snd perfect for an afternoon.

the crab croquetas were amazing and the tuna sashimi was a touch i’ve never had anywhere else. now? i don’t want it any other way.

the patatas bravas were golden, fried perfectly and flavor packed.

salmon tartar tasted even better than it looks! it being served with fresh corn tortillas was the perfect addition.

i have never had anything from telefèric and not loved it. this time was no different.

i would make a reservation to be safe. thank god for opentable.

when you go to telefèric, please tell me what you indulge in.


k. tap