cozy cardigan

i live for a good cardigan, especially the ones that feel like you are being swaddled in a blanket.


i initially saw this cardigan in gray on clearance at forever 21 and figured why the hell not? gray is my favorite neutral and it looked like it had potential.  that was a gross understatement.


the cardigan arrived and i pretty much lived in it.  no, seriously.  one night, my pilot light was out in my apartment and i even slept in this cardigan.  after talking to marilena (my roommate + soulmate from freshman year of college), i was persuaded to buy it in whatever other colors it came in.  that included camel and this gorgeous oxblood.




i have now worn all three of these to work and all three of them on different nights out – whether it was to dinner, a wine cellar in sf or a bar in pasadena.


for work today, i have it paired with a simple black tank by sejour and a pair of my favorite compression pants – the zella live-ins.  they are called the live-ins because you can literally do everything in them – i have worn them to soul cycle, while running errands, to work, on a date; you name it, i’ve tried it.  all i do is switch up my shoe choice and the top.  both the tank and the pants can be purchased in a variety of colors and trust me, you will want more than just one.  head to – that is where dreams come true.




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