pale pink + polka dots

part of the reason i gravitate towards dresses, rompers and jumpsuits is because each of them is a full outfit and typically looks effortlessly chic.  now for work, i stick to dresses, jumpsuits or zellas paired with oversized cardigans to cover my tush.  i typically keep my arms covered to hide one of my tattoos.  this is one of the things i have to consider when working at an all girl, catholic school.  while i love my job, i definitely miss my tattoos being able to be visible and having colored hair.  i am pumped to not work this summer because there are so many new colors i want to try with my braids.  anyway, i digress.


so for this particular polka dot jumpsuit, i paired it with a pale pink waterfall blazer – both are from asos.



photo cred: gracelyn bateman 


when i get dressed for the day, i typically think about what makes me approachable to my audience and what i have planned for that day.  this is something i would wear on a day i was presenting or had parent meetings.  surprisingly, i would also wear this to an interview.  i know a lot of people think all over prints can be risky or are a no-no.  i disagree.  i think it is more about doing it well.  i am all about something i feel confident in that also makes me stand out just enough from the other applicants.  when i interviewed for the job i currently have, i wore an oxblood wrap dress with goldenrod yellow polka dots.  it told them a bit about my personality while also remaining professional.



photo cred: gracelyn bateman 


because i am also a little superstitious, i believe it is good luck on an important day (like an interview) to carry or wear something that holds emotional significance.  for me, it would be this vintage louis vuitton bag that belonged to my grammy.  i carried it the day of my final interview (which was less than two weeks after she passed) and found out i got the job exactly one week later (on the day of her funeral).  i truly felt like she was with me every step of the process.  plus, let’s be real – who doesn’t love a little louis in their lives?


unfortunately, both both items are out of stock.  here are some similar work appropriate jumpsuits and blazers that can be found at asos:


what is your go to outfit for presentations at work or interviews?  let me know in the comments below.



k. tap

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