brass fern house

at any given moment, i have at least one bouquet in my home.  most often, they are placed in the rooms i frequent – my living room, dining room and/or kitchen.  i also love having a bouquet in my office at work – it transforms the space and makes both the client and myself feel better about being there.  that being said, you can imagine my excitement when lorraine from brass fern house contacted me to collaborate.


while i have ordered from brass fern house on several occasions whether it be a birthday, planning our 10 year class reunion or a just because bouquet, i have never designed a bouquet myself.  lorraine does such outstanding work that i just trust her without hesitation.  even still, because she knows of my love for flowers, she thought it would be cool for me to come up with inspiration for a special bouquet for spring.


i spent hours scouring the web looking at different types of flowers and finally sent over the flowers i liked best along with a color scheme that felt both springy and like me.  what she came up with on the first go was absolutely spectacular.




the bouquet is packed with ranunculus, roses and hyacinth and other spring blooms.  here is another shot of this beautiful bundle!




it is the perfect gift for mother’s day, to brighten your best friend’s day, for a birthday, a just because gift for your girlfriend/partner/wife or any other occasion.


to order the k.tap x brass fern house bundle, click here.


it will be the best $45 you’ve ever spent.  the bundles last well over a week and will definitely put a smile on the face of the recipient.  if you are currently subscribed to my blog, you will have access to a discount code for $5 off – just message me once you decide to place your order.


to see more extraordinary work from brass fern house, visit their instagram page.  you will not be disappointed.



k. tap

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