crosley cruiser deluxe turntable

even though i have been in my apartment for about a year and a half, i find myself obsessing over different nooks depending on the day of the week.  one corner that i will never get over is the one that houses my crosley cruiser deluxe turntable.




there are so many things to love about this turntable.  first, it was gifted to me by my dear friends reens and sam.  if you have been following along for a bit, you probably remember me mentioning them all throughout my chicago post and/or seeing sam’s amazing skills behind the camera in my post about what i would have done differently in grad school.


next, let’s just have a moment for this amazing pop of color – green is my absolute favorite.  if you know me, you know i am a music fanatic.  there is something so spectacular and nostalgic about hearing one of your favorite songs on vinyl.  an added bonus is that this record player is bluetooth compatible, incredibly lightweight and beyond easy to transport.



*the beautiful records with rick ross, adele and justin timberlake above the crosley cruiser were handpainted by emilio cortez aka dj too tall – you can check out his artwork here


i started collecting records little by little at music festivals, i have received a few here and there as gifts but the best records came from my grandfather when i moved into my apartment.  he gifted me a huge box of records that belonged to my favorite uncle.  it was stacked with gems – everything from sade to the police to whitney houston.  it makes me think that my varied taste in music comes from him.  it also might explain my music festival obsession.  i can’t help but feel closer to him when listening to any of those records.  it is an unparalleled feeling.


the crosley cruiser comes in about 10 different colors and can be found at nordstrom – just add it to your cart while you are shopping the anniversary sale.  trust me, you won’t regret it! for $69.95, it is worth every penny.


did you grow up listening to music on vinyl?  what are your favorite records?



k. tap

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