buttermilk biscuits + beautiful platters

when i think of sundays, i think of eating good food in even better company.  today, i got to enjoy both.  i have been in washington since thursday and got to spend some quality time with one of my closest friends from high school (and her adorable family) and now, i am helping my roommate from freshman year settle into her new apartment.  talk about coming full circle!  anyway, this morning, after i spent some time organizing her closet (first by item, then by color and within that, by sleeve-length), i was served the most delicious buttermilk biscuits on the most beautiful platter.


marilena bought the mix from trader joe’s and made them with oat milk.  i was shocked because they tasted homemade and i had no idea oat milk was used until well after they were consumed.




a recommendation she had to get the perfect shape and density is to use your favorite coffee mug to cut out the biscuits once your dough is rolled out.




she served the biscuits with butter, juicy nectarines, plump cherries and blackberry rhubarb jam.  the fruit and jam were from the local farmer’s market.  the nectarines were just as flavor-packed as the jam and so i split the biscuit in two and ate one side with a little butter and 1/8 of a nectarine before eating the other side with a bit of butter and jam.  hours later, the biscuits were still moist when i circled back and had another for a snack.




as amazing as the buttermilk biscuits were, part of what pulled me in was the beautiful platter they were served on.  whenever i visit marilena, we eat something off of this platter.  yesterday, it was a charcuterie spread.  for breakfast today, it was the buttermilk biscuit platter and for dinner tonight, it was a spinach and chive pasta with sautéed fingerling potatoes and onions tossed with pesto and topped with smoked salmon.  the platter can be used for pretty much anything under the sun and is perfect when serving groups.


i tend to gravitate towards longer or more rectangular platters.  i have included three of my favorites that are available at anthropologie, target and amazon below.


caskata peony tray – anthropologie 

plates mosaic design – threshold – target 

french bull rectangular platter – amazon


which platter is your favorite?  have you tried these trader joe’s biscuits?  if so, what is your favorite thing to add to them?



k. tap


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