thought of the week: all of the things healers don’t say

tomorrow is my first full day of work as a school counselor and i cannot believe it is the start of my third year in this role.  while half of the time, i am doing academic counseling, the other half of the time is devoted to personal counseling.  i definitely fulfill the roles of a helper and a healer.  with that being said, i know that because i do not wear my heart on my sleeve, there is a ton that i do not come out and say.  when i saw this post on instagram recently, i thought it was worth sharing, especially for those of you who are in roles and helpers and healers.




“healers have tough days.

healers have boundaries.

healers can say ‘no.’

healers can say ‘i’m not the healer for you.’

healers need time to heal.”

-liana naima


i think it is important to acknowledge that some days will be rougher than others, especially as a counselor.  i have already been doing a ton of work on using the word ‘no’ and creating healthier boundaries but something i need to work on (mainly in my personal life) is verbalizing to some family and friends that i am not the healer for them. this summer was great for me because i took time to just focus on me and that included some healing.


what parts of this beautiful quote resonate with you?  what part would be the most difficult?



k. tap

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