yes to yeti!

a few weeks ago, i was lucky enough to get 72 hours of quality time with one of my favorite humans.  sarah, or lil’ spoon as i call her, literally never arrives anywhere empty handed.  so when she handed me this beautiful card and oddly wrapped gift, i was not surprised, just intrigued.  that is when the game changed.


she gave me the rambler 10oz wine tumbler by yeti.




all of the things i had ever seen or heard about yeti have been all about the outdoors.  i have a lot of friends who love camping and hiking and they all seem to have yeti gear.  i would not say i dislike camping but i am never going to be the one to organize a trip.  i definitely am not a hiker.  and when it comes to the outdoors, i pretty much only enjoy being outside if i am right next to a body of water unless you count bottomless mimosas on an outdoor patio for brunch or wine tasting on the terrace of domaine carneros in napa.  this wine tumbler is great for both indoor and outdoor living.


i first tried it with a glass of red wine.  i find that whether i use a wine glass with a stem or one without, my red wine does not ever seem to remain the right temperature.  it ends up totally compromising the taste of the wine.  even after a full hour, my wine was the exact same temperature as when i poured it.  as for whites, rosés and sparkling options, it tastes just as cold and crisp 40 minutes later as it did the second i poured it.


the tumblers come in over a dozen colors.  they are made with stainless steel.  hot drinks stay hot and cold drinks stay cold.  for those of you who hate dishes, they are dishwasher safe. if 10oz. is not enough for you, there are 16 and 20 ounce options.  there are also a variety of lids and straws that are available for purchase.  i will definitely be purchasing more of these, especially before summer.  instead of bringing glass poolside, i will bring my yeti instead.


whether you want these for a night spent in your living room or your next camping expedition, the answer is simple – always say yes to yeti!


enjoy your saturday. 🙂



k. tap




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