thought of the week: choose you.

yesterday was thought provoking not just because it was the one year anniversary of this blog, but because so many of the questions i was asked to answer on my instagram live (which is still up until 8pm pst) were about love and relationships whether they be romantic or platonic.

a common theme was about how to successfully set boundaries and/or cut ties once the relationship has run its course. while there are a million ways to approach boundary setting or cutting ties, the overall message is more simple than most of us make it. at least a week ago, i saw this quote and took a screenshot of it. i didn’t know when i would use it but i knew it was one that would come in handy.


“choose people that choose you.” –the good quote

it’s that simple.

take a look at the people you are pouring into. are they pouring back into you? if not, imagine how good it would feel to choose people that actively choose you. you deserve at least that.


k. tap

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