thought of the week: you aren’t alone in this

it is no secret that i love brene brown. she helped get me through some of the toughest parts of grad school and life thereafter. you might remember my post on her book, the gifts of imperfection.

anyway, one of the biggest lessons i’ve learned as i’ve grown older is that it isn’t only okay to ask for help, it should be both encouraged and applauded. it takes someone self-aware and humble to be able to ask for assistance. i think as children, we are often conditioned to be able to do things on our own. and then, we unfortunately carry this mindset into heavier things as we get older. and sometimes, i need my inner circle to help me more evenly distribute that load. while i used to struggle with this thought process, much less saying it out loud, i know this to be true. and each time i ask for help, the next time, it is a little easier to do so. like anything worthwhile, it takes practice.

naturally, brene seems to have a quote that is applicable for every life lesson. this one was no different.

“we don’t have to do all of it alone. we were never meant to.” -brene brown

sometimes, i think we just need a simple reminder that life is too tumultuous and unpredictable to battle each obstacle alone.

when’s the last time you’ve been vulnerable enough to acknowledge needing a little extra help? more importantly, were you able to ask for said help without feeling shame?


k. tap

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