thought of the week: fika

today was my first day back at work after being on spring break for just over a week. while i am fortunate enough to be able to work from home during this pandemic, i feel just as fortunate to have had some time off last week. even if unable to leave my apartment, it served as a great time to just reset. part of this was made easier due to my friend teki challenging many of her close friends to 21 days of meditation with the final day being her 30th birthday. talk about perfectly timed, right?!

anyway, both the meditations and writing in my gratitude journal daily while not working granted me a special opportunity. this swedish word captures it best:

“fika – a moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life.”

during quarantine, have you taken a moment or two to slow down and express gratitude? i have found that sometimes, it is enough to shift my entire day.


k. tap

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