thought of the week: growth

something i want to address before going into my thought of the week is this notion that there is a perfect way to spend time during quarantine. i have friends who are working out twice a day, some putting in 12 hour work days from home, others tapping into their artistic side, a few trying out new recipes and some who are doing nothing at all (because the thought of trying to be productive is overwhelming). here’s the thing – all of the aforementioned are okay. i don’t want anyone reading my posts to think a certain level of productivity is required during quarantine. we are in the middle of a pandemic not an adult version of summer vacation. be kind to yourselves, please.

okay! just had to get that out of the way.

now, between work, catching up with friends via facetime, watching a ton of tv and creating new recipes, i have also just had more time that is truly quiet and it has provided me time to think. i have done a great deal of reflecting around my growth since moving back to la in summer of 2017 and i almost don’t recognize myself due to how much i have evolved. it is both scary and exhilarating.

when i came across this quote, it perfectly captured how i was able to jumpstart my growth process.

“you cannot grow in the same soil that poisoned you.”

while moving back to la was part of my growth process, addressing and then removing toxic energy/people, setting up boundaries and not negotiating said boundaries has allowed that growth to continue. with the definition of insanity being described as doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results, i had to stop feeding into that. i had to change my soil in order to really bloom.

are you feeling stunted in your growth? is it time to change your soil?


k. tap

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