thought of the week: who are you choosing?

i was having a conversation recently about the people closest to me. the friend i was talking to mentioned that i am one of the few people he knows that has both quality and quantity in terms of my friends. i don’t know that i had ever thought of it in that way but certainly agreed with him. when asked how i chose those in my circle, the answer was easy.

i choose people who consistently choose me.

at 30, i refuse to have any relationships that aren’t reciprocal. that required me to make some cuts. and here’s the thing: i don’t love the people i cut any less, i just love them from a distance. in my old age, i am becoming more particular about who i am choosing.

“actions speak louder than words but consistency speaks louder than both. choose people that always make you feel wanted.”

if you’ve been following for some time and know about my love languages, you know i don’t need to hear much – i am far more interested in what you do. that’s what i pay closest attention to. something else to consider is the consistency of said actions. while i choose actions over words, if the actions aren’t consistent, what’s the point?

when looking at those you are pouring into, i want to know who are you choosing?


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