thought of the week: delve deep.

with thanksgiving being just a couple of days away, i have been seeing posts left and right from therapists about how to survive the holiday. many talk about coping strategies, topics to avoid around the dinner table and how to choose your battles when going up against your family. let’s keep it real – the holidays are not necessarily merry and bright for everyone. but here’s the thing, if you go home and find yourself triggered af while sitting around the dinner table but can’t quite figure out why, there might be some more work for you to do.

“at times, the answers to your questions are found in the places you’re too afraid to delve deep into and explore.” -rachel wolchin

a couple of weeks ago, i did a post about how to get what you need out of therapy. in order to get what you need, you have to be willing to go to therapy in the first place. and beyond that, there has to be a willingness to delve deep. something i tell each of my clients is to make sure they understand that it will often get worse before it gets better. therapy requires some digging and unearthing of things you buried and sometimes, things you weren’t even aware were tucked away. your willingness to do the work will provide a reward and inner peace that is unparalleled.

what places or topics have you been avoiding delving into?


k. tap

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