never say no to napa!

back in early november, ibi and i made plans to do a quick getaway to napa during the last weekend of january. we had busted our butts in 2020 in ways we didn’t know possible so it was time to let our hair down and celebrate. little did we know that even outdoor options in napa would close shortly thereafter. we were bummed but determined to see one another. lucky for us, on the last monday of january, napa announced they’d be reopening starting that friday. it was official – napa was back on and we were pumped. i quickly rebooked all of our reservations. the first stop? brunch at celadon.

this wasn’t my first trip to celadon and it certainly won’t be my last. we started off the day with peach bellinis. because i knew we would do a little nibbling at the wineries, i wanted to keep this meal a bit lighter. a half caesar with avocado and their calamari (that comes with this delightful chipotle chili and honey glaze) hit the spot.

we realized we were ahead of schedule for our reservation at domaine carneros so we pit stopped at madonna estate. ibi loves a good pinot noir and they have one of my favorites. unfortunately, it was reservation only to be mindful of numbers due to covid. however, when bob realized it was me (i have visited quite a number of times, including in november for kendall’s birthday), he graciously accommodated us. i was sure to tell him we didn’t need a formal tasting – a bottle of pinot noir and a couple of glasses would do the trick. i knew i was going to be seeing marilena the next day for coffee so i picked her up a bottle of their rosé – it’s made with a pinot grape and is subtly sweet. our visit to madonna was short and sweet. i made sure to set an alarm so we weren’t late to our reservation at domaine carneros. with ibi and i both loving bubbles as much as we do, i couldn’t wait to take her. the weather was absolutely perfect!

the tent definitely helped to shield us from the wind and the heat lamps were an added bonus. our sparkling flights refreshing and paired perfectly with our charcuterie boards. before we knew it, we had been there for 2.5 hours!

we were excited to check into our hotel. neither of us had ever stayed at the archer but between recommendations and reviews, i couldn’t wait to check it out! something that really appealed to me (outside of its beauty and central location) is the idea of the double rooms coming with two cal king beds. talk about perfect for girls trip. while there were only two of us, four could have definitely stayed comfortably. there were so many great touches from cute slippers to tasty caramels to high end toiletries to a wine fridge. the list is truly endless. we will certainly be back again.

before even solidifying our hotel choice, i had made us a dinner reservation at this italian restaurant – ristorante allegria. at domaine, our server recommended the mushroom ravioli and i did exactly what he said. i had zero regrets.

if you are headed to napa, call ahead or use open table to make reservations. it will make it substantially easier. the most important thing, however, is your company – ibi and i laughed, cried and laughed so hard that we cried. there is nothing better than feeling reinvigorated after a trip.

what way are you going to treat yourself this month?


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everything is made better with pockets

i have a lot of nicknames that people have come up with for me. one of them is the cardigan queen. i live in cardigans! not only do i love the feel and how it can shift the look of what i have on, i also have to keep my tattoos covered at work. a cardigan is the perfect way to do that without the stiffness of a jacket or a coat. plus, i tend to run a bit warm so having the ability to easily roll up my sleeves is a must.

as if i wasn’t already obsessed with my custom crewneck, imagine my excitement when hazy + rose co. rolled out so much great inventory including amazing cardigans?! this was made exponentially better when i saw that one of my favorites came with pockets.

i am all about figuring out how to look put together while also being comfortable for my endless number of zoom calls daily. bonus points are given when the item is functional. with me having misu (my little maltipoo) now, pockets are great for me to throw my keys and phone into when taking him down the block for potty breaks. this amazing cardigan allows for all of that. plus, i somehow only had one other black cardigan (gray is my favorite neutral so a lot of my staples are in that color instead).

hazy + rose co. has so many great pieces that are perfect for working from home that transition well if you are leaving the house. when buying an item, i often think about the cpw (cost per wear). a cardigan like this one can be worn with loungewear, to work (as pictured here), to brunch (with a crop top and some skinnies) or for date night (with a fitted dress and a pair of booties). the possibilities are endless.

lucky for you all, hazy + rose co. is having another drop this sunday, the 24th. for those of you in the sacramento area, a pop-up shop is happening on the 13th (my birthday!). and, a HUGE drop is scheduled for valentine’s day. if you are not doing so already, be sure to follow hazy + rose co. on the gram. you will be happy you did!


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matilda’s bloombox

fridays are for florals and we all could certainly use a little something to brighten our days. 2020 was quite gloomy and the start to 2021 has been a whirlwind. that being said, there have been some bright spots. one of them has been my friend amy’s pregnancy. during the pandemic, i noticed she got really into flower arrangement. with her being pregnant, i wanted to send her something to celebrate while also allowing her to be creative without having to leave home.

say hello to matilda’s bloombox!

matilda’s bloombox is a phenomenal small business that ships farm fresh flowers from local growers to your doorstep. you get to arrange them and they offer tips and videos to help you along (if needed). while i bought a bloombox as a gift, there is also a subscription option.

if you are looking for a way to flex your creative muscles and add some beauty to your home, this is the perfect way to do so.


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black girl magic rosé

i am a sucker for a good rosé and this one by the mcbride sisters might be my new favorite!

it was gifted to me by my dear friend, tay. like me, she appreciates good wine and loves supporting small businesses, especially when owned by black women.

*a photo of tay and i at the sf vintners estate event last fall – we always say yes to wine!

the mcbride sisters were long lost sisters who connected and created something magical. they are now the largest black owned wine company in the united states but what i love most is that they are both sustainable and socially aware.

they seem to have something for everybody – whether you love riesling, rosé, reds or something sparkling, there are beautifully bottled options to choose from.

to get your hands on a bottle of rosé, click here. to shop the rest of their collection, click here.

have you tried any of the mcbride sisters wine? if so, which is your favorite?


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hazy + rose

happy hump day!

so, you all know how much i love supporting small businesses, especially ones that are being run by wonderful women. if you are looking for comfortable, cozy and chic loungewear, look no further. hazy + rose has everything you need.

i typically don’t use words like always/never/everything because they aren’t usually applicable. hazy + rose is the exception. from colors to cuts to customization to true size inclusivity, there really is something for everyone. i know that even on the days i am working from home, i often want something a step above pajamas but that still feels comfortable to be in all day. hazy + rose hits the nail on the head. you can visit their instagram here.

when they launched a couple of weeks ago, i hopped online a bit too late in the day to order everything i wanted but knew i needed the take it easy tee. here in la, we are still having summer weather so i was holding off on the crewnecks. naturally, my friend biz (one of the three founders) hit me up to tell me she had ordered an olive crewneck especially for me but left it blank so i could customize it with whatever i wanted. first of all, i was flattered because this was totally unexpected. secondly, i could not think of what i wanted it to say. i ended up telling her to print whatever she thought described me best and that my only request was that everything be in lowercase letters. i was obsessed when this came in the mail!

who doesn’t love champagne for breakfast? it goes perfectly with my cream and gold mug.

back to hazy + rose – my take it easy tee is so soft and i love the color scheme.

how could you not be absolutely obsessed?

i also was impressed with how fast things were shipped, especially considering the pandemic. i was able to track my order the entire way. does anyone else obsess over shipping when buying things online or is it just me?

tomorrow, 10.15, there is going to be amazing new merchandise released. if you are looking to customize anything, just shoot the girls at hazy + rose a dm. they would love to hear from you and are constantly adding new items and sizes based on requests from their clients. what’s not to love?

once you order, let me know your favorite item!


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