meet mr. misu

growing up, i always had a dog. i truly believe that they make houses homes. i had promised myself that once i moved back to la after grad school, i would get a pup for my first place.

once i moved to south pasadena at the end of 2017, it was clear that i was still working through a ton of unresolved grief after the loss of my grandmother. i used a lot of 2018 to unpack that. in 2019, while i was emotionally read to get a dog, i was traveling somewhere at least two weekends a month. from mexico to coachella to chicago to spain to nyc, it was a whirlwind. 2020 seemed like it could be the year.

while the first half had some bigger events like my 30th birthday in vegas and traveling for work, the second half would be lighter. i had no idea how light until we were in the middle of this pandemic. so in may, i started my search for a dog. i had a few prerequisites. the dog needed to be smaller (since i am in an apartment), hypoallergenic, under the age of five and no major medical conditions.

you have no idea how hard it was to find a dog that checked off all of these boxes. i had told myself that if i couldn’t find what i was looking for via adoption, at the start of the new year, i would go through a breeder. everything changed just over two weeks ago.

my cousin (courtney) posted about her pastor looking to get rid of their dog. when i asked about the breed and age, she said under a year and a maltipoo. i was floored. this already checked off two of my boxes. i figured there had to be a catch. so i reached out to the pastor and within 24 hours, we had arranged for me to pick up my pup on the following tuesday. here is a shot from our first moments together after he officially became mine.

not only was he completely healthy but they wouldn’t even let me pay them because they were just happy to see him go to a home where the owner would have time for him. while his name was originally nino, that didn’t fit him to me. as soon as i saw a photo of him, i thought tiramisu was more fitting. however, that’s a mouthful so i have been calling him misu for short.

we’ve been together for just under two weeks and it is already hard to imagine my life without him. he is gentle, loving, physical touch is definitely his primary love language, he waits to be sure i am awake before making noise and has thoroughly enjoyed meeting my clients both virtually and in person.

i recently got him groomed and he almost looks like a different dog but that sweet disposition didn’t shift a bit.

i am totally in love and can’t wait to create more memories with misu.



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