fun facts

zodiac sign – aquarius

myers briggs type – intj

favorite color – in life, green; to wear, goldenrod yellow; for my hair, purple; neutral, gray

pet peeve – overuse of capital letters (or capital letters in general)

favorite food – sushi

favorite animal – elephants

favorite game – monopoly

favorite pastime – concerts/music festivals

favorite way to decompress – candlelit bubble baths

random fact – i am a twister champion and my flexibility is still on point (i can do a full split)

favorite drink – if it involves vodka, champagne or rose, count me in

favorite number – 13

thing i could not live without – my planner (pen + paper is better!)

1-3 copy 2

*photo taken by gracelyn bateman – instagram: @glynbman



3 thoughts on “fun facts

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  2. Jeanne Austin

    Hi Kristin! Checked out your blog, liked it. Even though I’m a senior I will be following you. Always good to keep up with current lifestyles, opinions, etc. I will be silent but also listening, learning. Thank Thank you in advance for your insights.

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