gucci gang, gucci gang, gucci gang

i wish i could tell you that “gucci gang” by lil’ pump wasn’t a song that got stuck in my head more times than i could count but that would be a lie.  it is just too damn catchy and is short enough to want to play it on loop a few times.


while i have my fair share of great leather handbags, i did not have any high end leather wallets or cardholders.  somehow, anjelica and aaron always seem to know just what i need for my birthday.  for my 30th, one of the the items they gifted me was this stunning emerald green gucci card case.



one of the funny things about this was that anj was sure about the color choice but aaron was surprised.  i think oftentimes, people do not realize that green is my favorite color.  i don’t wear a lot of green but it is a color i find to be so aesthetically pleasing.  lucky for you, if green is not your cup of tea, this gucci card case also comes in hibiscus red, nero (black) and porcelain rose (a deep blush).  all of them have the double g hardware in a warm gold.

it is sleek, chic and holds all of your essentials. for me, that’s my driver license, a credit card, my insurance card, my nordstrom card (i could never leave home without it) and a small slit in the middle for a few bills.


and as if this wasn’t already a fantastic gift (along with some great makeup items i cannot wait to post about when i actually have somewhere to go), the best gift they gave me was telling me i would be an aunt to their first born this september.  my hope is that anjelica will write all about it on her blog for all of you mothers and mamas to be out there.


i cannot wait to use this in place of my bulky wallet, especially when carrying smaller handbags/clutches.



k. tap

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