drybar obsessed

i cannot say enough wonderful things about drybar.  my obsession started back in 2012 when i was sick and tired of straightening my hair on my own – my arms would hurt and it never seemed as sleek as i would want it to be.  then, i discovered drybar.





now, let’s rewind a bit so you have a little context about my hair journey.  i have been getting my hair relaxed since grammar school.  it was less about wanting my hair to be bone straight and much more about wanting my hair to be more manageable.  my mom hated that she felt like she was hurting me when she was combing my hair every morning.  i was happy to no longer be in pain and to also have the time spent on my hair reduced significantly.  i have an amazing hair braider (erika) who has been doing my hair since i was two years old.  i basically just alternate between getting my hair relaxed and wearing it straightened or getting it braided.  before anyone comments on the “horrific” impact of “creamy crack”, you can save your energy.  not only is my hair thicker and stronger than ever but i am not interested in wearing my hair in its natural state.  i respect your natural hair and you should respect my processed hair, especially since it is on my big ass head. thank you, next.


the time when i struggle most with my hair is about 7-10 days after i initially get it relaxed.  it is then time for a proper wash – for those of you unfamiliar with black girl hair care, most of us are highly advised to not wash our hair more than once a week because it totally strips it of the natural oils and makes our hair brittle.  i would say this is even more important for someone like me that gets their hair relaxed because i want to be sure i am keeping my hair as healthy and happy as possible.  so instead, i typically use my favorite drybar dry shampoo because it is light, fresh and absorbs any excess oil without stripping my hair.  you can purchase it from drybar or if you are a nordstrom junkie like me and love getting points, you can purchase it here.


but here’s the thing: washing means blow-drying and blow-drying means straightening is needed and i am already tired just typing all of this out.  my hair is thick and it takes me at least two hours from the start of washing my hair until the time  i straighten the last piece.  i am typically in and out of drybar in one hour or less.  there are few things i love more than efficiency and drybar has that down to a science.  you can make your appointment online in seconds and give them any necessary info about your hair so they can try to match you with a stylist that is the best fit for you.  the desk staff is friendly at every location i have gone to and you are offered a variety of beverages, including a complimentary glass of wine or champagne.  who does not love that?! especially after a long day at the office or to kick off your weekend.




something i truly appreciate is you see a bit of everyone at drybar – both men and women work there.  there are people of every race and the employees seem comfortable being their most authentic selves.  as a result, the clientele reflects that.  being able to pay $49 to be pampered and have a blowout that can last up to 10 days is well worth it.  trust me!




k. tap

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