the brush crush

every single time i think that drybar cannot come up with anything else for me to be obsessed with, they prove me wrong.  from their bomb blowouts to unparalleled dry shampoo, they continue to kill the game.  now, as i discussed in my previous post about drybar, when my hair is not in braids, it is relaxed.  some days, it is cooperative and other days, it needs some extra help.  i find myself spending more time than i’d like straightening my hair.  typically, i have a brush in one hand and a straightener in the other.  it is totally exhausting and hurts my little t-rex arms (my arms are super short for my body so my brother calls me “t-rex”).  then, i found my new life saver…


the brush crush!




at first, it almost seemed too good to be true.  one tool that combined everything i needed.  one tool that could be placed on any surface because of the way it is made.  one tool that went up to 450 degrees, thus being able to straighten thicker hair like mine or someone with more fine/sensitive locks if set to a lower temperature.  how fast could this product actually work?  it was time to put it to the test.




this was it warming up to 450 (which it did in less than five minutes).




then, above was my face when i realized how pressed for time i was with my hair in a trash ass state and no makeup on.  if this brush didn’t work, i might be trying to wear a baseball cap to dinner and to a club in west hollywood to celebrate with angela, my newfound birthday twin.  i said a little prayer.  


within five minutes, my hair was sleek and chic.  20 minutes after that, my makeup was finished and i was ready to roll.




my usual brushing with one hand while trying to straighten with the other takes me about 20 minutes for my entire head on a good day.  to shave 75% of that time off? unreal and truly a blessing.


while this product can be found at any drybar location or on their website, mine was purchased at nordstrom by my magnificent mom as one of my birthday gifts.  after using this product the last four days straight and seeing little to no shedding, i am wondering how i ever lived without it.  when you get yours, let me know how you like it!



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