weekend uniform

happy friday to all of you.  lord knows it has been one hell of a week over in these parts and i could not be more grateful for this three day weekend (and to not have to wake up to the sound of an alarm for the next few days).

anyway, i do not know if any of you can relate but in looking at pictures of myself (both on the gram and just in general), i have noticed some patterns in what i tend to have on. it is as if i have a weekend uniform.  to give you some background, i wore a uniform to school every single day from 1992 to 2007 so perhaps this is why as an adult who has actual choices, i will purchase the same article of clothing in a variety of colors and switch up an accessory, a shoe or an outer layer of clothing.

for the last year, i have been incredibly into t-shirt dresses, cardigans or denim shirts (as a first outer layer) and a faux fur vest or army cargo jacket (as a second outside layer).  weather dependent, i could be rocking a gladiator, a converse or a bootie.  i would say the two retailers that get the bulk of my coins are nordstrom and asos.  the third is forever a rotation between forever 21, target, torrid and cute little boutiques (my favorite one being ibiss in the willow glen neighborhood of san jose, ca).



photo cred: gracelyn bateman – check out her instagram!


this exact t-shirt dress from asos is sold out but here are a couple others like it:



my cardigan is from forever 21 – i also have it in oxblood.  here is one that is similar.

my cargo jacket is from nordstrom – i copped it during the anniversary sale for like, $80 – here is one similar (mine has coral stitching instead of red stitching but it is by the same brand).

*all three of the aforementioned retailers carry sizes 0 to 3x – i will do my best to post places that are size inclusive.

and you can find a classic pair of converse virtually anywhere – mine are pretty beat up from countless music festivals and shows, but that is why i love them.

do you have a weekend uniform? if so, what is it? let me know in the comments below.

cheers to the weekend!



k. tap


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