bouquets to brighten up your space

today, you are going to get another peek at my apartment.  my post on gabrielle union’s book, we’re going to need more wine, showed a tiny portion of my living room with this cute little gold end table from target.  as time goes on, i will feature more and more of my apartment.


because the rooms i spend the most time in are my living room (to lounge and eat), dining room (to work and when i am hosting) and my kitchen (to cook daily), those are the rooms i care about the most, at least aesthetically.  i am fortunate to have a landlord that encouraged me to paint my space a color that suited my style.  while i did not paint my kitchen or the bedrooms, i did paint my living room and dining room a soft gray and it definitely makes my time spent in those spaces more enjoyable.  something that makes my time spent in my kitchen more enjoyable is a fresh bouquet of flowers.




these stunning cream colored roses (a dozen) costed $6.99 at trader joe’s.  it is rare for someone to enter my home and not comment on my bouquet(s).  what i have realized is that so many people associate flowers with a special occasion, in addition to thinking flowers are more expensive than they actually are.  let me tell you something – every single day is a special occasion and you are worth far more than $6.99.  look at how this bouquet totally brightens up my space:




by the way, the more posts i do about my home, the more elephants you will see.  this adorable wine holder (gifted to me by my amazing friend, jaclyn) can be found here.  if you are looking for something to do with all of those corks from wine nights, you can find a similar display case here.  my work wife, reens, bought me the one above.  it actually has a space for a photo and i had planned on adding one of reens and i wine tasting but i needed a place to place my corks before i could print the photo.


the next time you are at the market, grab a bouquet to brighten up your space. you won’t regret it.



k. tap


p.s. on day four or five, cut the stems about an inch at a slant and switch the water – you should get about five days out of the bouquet

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