thought of the week: friends who hold visions of your success as much as their own are a blessing.

over the last few months, i have been seeing quotes by yung pueblo pop up everywhere, but especially on instagram and twitter.  while there have been several that i have loved, the one that stood out the most (especially this month) was:


“friends who hold visions of your success as much as their own are a blessing.”


while i would not consider myself to be the most religious person in the world, i definitely would call myself spiritual.  and as a result, i do believe in blessings, especially to those who are truly good and sincere people.


it is common for me to be captain of the cheer squad when my friends and family are embarking on a new journey or unearthing and bringing to life a project they are passionate about.  when i think of times people in my inner circle have held visions of my success as much as their own, i thought primarily of both of my degrees.  grad school even more so than undergrad because i put in a different level of work and knew that the end goal (and result) would be me serving as a counselor/therapist.  my last year of grad school, i worked four part time jobs to make ends meet and rack up the hours needed to be a step closer to licensure.  then, i tried to think about things outside of my education.  and the first thing that came to mind was this blog and how much love was present on a weekend spent in sf earlier this month.




i am more blessed than most when it comes to how many people have been supportive of me starting this project that i have wanted to for years.  a particular reason why i chose this photo with these wonderful women is because even though we were in sf to celebrate the 30th birthday of the beauty in the blue jumpsuit (marilena), both marilena and makensy (the baddie in the black ensemble) made a point to ask me how week one of my project wrapped up.  i was taken aback.  before i launched, both asked me what they could do to best help and support me.  both believed in the project before the first post was even done.  then i thought about it.  and since the day i met them both in september of 2007, both of these women have been two of the friends who most consistently held visions of my success as much as their own.  they are powerful women who choose to actively support the other women (and men) in their lives.  their support of my development has been unwavering.  i hope that they feel that same sense of support, encouragement and love from me.


unwavering support is hard to come by and it truly is a blessing.


tell me who that person(s) is for you in the comments below.



k. tap

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