golden road brewing

since i had some time off in december from work, i wanted to make a conscious effort to explore la a bit more.  even though i grew up here, after living in the bay from 17 to 27, i feel like there is still so much to explore.


a few friends and i were looking for a good happy hour experience and my go to is usually yard house – there is something for everyone there and the ambiance allows me to let my hair down.  once one of my friends realized that i had selected a place that had a ton of beer on tap, she suggested golden road brewing.  i had never heard of it but was down.


we went to the atwater village location (near glendale).  this place is both pet and kid friendly.  there was ample seating both outside on a spacious covered patio and inside, as well. our waiter was both kind and knowledgeable.  the food was delicious and the pricing was more than reasonable.  there are so many great beer options.  to get to try more of them, i got a flight to start.  my favorite was the mango cart!




my favorite item on the menu was the kimchee fries. the flavor profile was unparalleled and if you are someone that enjoys your food with a kick and prefer salty+savory dishes, this is for you.  it is the perfect starter to share.




for our meals, three of us ordered burgers/sandwiches and one ordered the beet salad (that was not me).  everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meals and we cannot wait to go back.


golden road brewing is the perfect place to spend a friday afternoon.


enjoy your weekend!



k. tap

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