white marble cheeseboards

with valentine’s day coming up, or galentine’s day if you are spending it with your girls, i thought about how i typically like to spend valentine’s day.  even though it is one of the only holidays i love, i actually prefer celebrating at home to avoid the large masses of people at every restaurant under the sun.  i love nothing more than spending time with those i love – that is exponentially improved with good food + wine.  that brings me to one of my favorite things in my home to host with…


my white marble cheeseboards!




oddly enough, both were gifts.  the one on the left is from my work wife, reens. it can be found at bed bath & beyond for just under $30.  my favorite thing about it is the little drawer that stores the perfect cheeseboard utensils.  they are nice and sharp and can cut through just about anything.  the one on the right is from williams sonoma and was given to me by my reslife (residence life) boos, liz and gio.  while the square one i have able is no longer available, one that is incredibly similar (white, marble, monogrammed) and rectangular in shape can be found here.  this board is so beautiful and heavy.  i love a dish/platter/board with significant weight to it.  both boards are easy to clean and hold so many of my favorite things.  the awesome scu alumni glasses are from one of my favorite RAs, dallas. people clearly know how to shop for me.


as for the contents of the cheeseboards, everything except for the wine and fig spread is from amazon fresh.  after working with people all day, the last thing i want to do is have forced interactions with people at a market.  so more often than not, i get my groceries delivered.  the board on the left has: a garlic and herb goat cheese, a triple cream brie, prosciutto and crackers.  the board on the right has a fig spread (from eataly), a dill havarti, dry coppa, crackers and strawberries.  the red wine was a thoughtful (and necessary) christmas gift from one of my students.




how are you spending your valentine’s (or galentine’s) day?  are you getting dolled up to go out or are you cozying up on your couch with your loved one(s)?  don’t forget, your loved one can also be yourself – there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.



k. tap


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