malibu wine safari

as part of my birthday celebration this year, i went to malibu wine safari with some of my favorite women (who are southern california based), including my mama bear.




photo cred: flint from malibu wine safari (group shot), random awesome lady from our tour group (shot of mama bear and me) who saw us hugging and said she needed our camera – seriously the sweetest!


even though i had gone to malibu wine safari last spring, there are many different tour options.  last spring, i did the mimosa tour which included four different types of mimosas (and they were generous with the pours), a charcuterie spread and a chance to feed some of the animals.  this time around, i was determined to not only meet and feed some of the animals…




but to meet (and feed) stanley the giraffe.



photo cred: gracelyn bateman


the giraffe tour is roughly 90 minutes and includes three red and three white wine tastings along with crackers and various spreads.  our tour guide (flint) was absolutely hysterical.  both he and our driver (nick) were incredibly knowledgeable, easy going and totally accommodating.  they even offered to take some photos of us.  the views were absolutely stunning.





an extra special shout out to my friend gracelyn who not only came to malibu solo in a bomb ass outfit (including peep toe booties she will probably never be able to wear again) for capturing so many amazing photos of me and so many of my favorite women.  it was a great reminder of how truly wonderful it is to have so many women who bring different things to the table and show me how to be a better me.  love you, g!




it was purely coincidental that it was national wine day.



photo cred: gracelyn bateman

when you go to malibu wine safari, please let me know about your experience!



k. tap


p.s. i would highly suggest booking at least six weeks  out to get your preferred tour, time and to guarantee your group can be seated together (even without a private truck).



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