the travel companion i couldn’t live without – longchamp large le pliage tote

i first got a longchamp tote when i was wrapping up undergrad at scu.  we were having more rain than what was normal for the south bay and i hated that my laptop and textbooks were not safe in the bags i was carrying.  those items were far too pricey not to protect.  i also almost had a stroke when my planner got a little water damage – that thing is like my bible.  enter my first longchamp bag…




since early 2011, this has been one of my babies.  from school to beach trips to music festivals – you name it, this bag has been there.


i have always enjoyed traveling and once i wrapped up undergrad, i was really trying to make up for lost time.  it was during that time that i realized that this bag is the perfect carry on.  last month, when i was gearing up to go to boston, the weather forecast had predicted a ton of snow and rain and i realized that this longchamp bag was on its last leg – mainly because i had packed too many heavy textbooks with sharp corners in it over the years.  it had caused these tiny holes in the bottom corners of the bag.  finally, it was time to replace it and luckily, i received this new one as a birthday gift from my adopted little (big) brother, tj.  while he might be younger, he is only four inches shy of seven feet so calling him little is laughable.


anyway, here it is!



before i get into all of the things i fit into this bad boy, let’s first take a moment to admire this blushy color that goes with absolutely everything.  next, let’s talk about how compact it is…



i love how it folds and can be thrown in your suitcase when you are done using it.  i also sometimes fold it and throw it into the purse i am carrying when traveling in the event that my checked luggage is overweight and i need a small but durable bag to put overflow contents.


now, for my trip to boston, i had a variety of items inside:

  • my personal planner



  • my work planner



  • my journal (where i track my food, exercise and alcohol consumption)



  • my MacBook, charger, external charger, iPhone earbuds and beats headphones (crucial for any flight)



  • my pen case (because i need like 10 for all of the color coding i do), a small cosmetics bag (a compact, wet wipes, spare tampon for an emergency, hair tie, mini lotion) and my wallet



  • whatever book i am reading at the moment



  • necessary meds, gum, business cards and lip balm



  • my drybar reusable bag (for any last minute airport purchases)



and just so you actually believe that all of the aforementioned items comfortably fit into this sleek bag…



i would highly recommend this bag in general but i especially recommend it if you are someone who travels frequently like i do.  it fits everything, is great in any weather and is easily tucked away.  plus, it comes in a variety of colors.


if you have any questions about a longchamp tote, send them my way.



k. tap


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