ma’am sir

this past weekend, my friend brandi and her boyfriend were in town for a weekend getaway that included a dope vince staples concert.  being that they are from austin, they have a ton of amazing food options.  before brandi even came out to la, she had a list of places she was interested in trying.  in hearing her rattle off options a few days before her arrival, ma’am sir grabbed my attention.


the name was unique but when i visited the site and saw the decor, which included a beautiful leafy wallpaper and vines/leaves hanging from the ceiling, i knew it was a place i wanted to be.  in seeing the menu that was filled with filipino inspired dishes and the rave reviews, i knew we had to go.


we made an 11:30am reservation via opentable.  any other brunch lovers out there can attest to how terrible it can be to show up somewhere on a sunday and be seated/served in a timely fashion.  we were a smidge early for our reservation and they accommodated us.  what i will say is that 11:30am was the perfect time because by noon, i do not think there was a single open seat.


even though it is located on sunset in silverlake, there was ample street parking.  because it was a sunday, paying for the meter wasn’t even necessary.  for someone like me that prefers a specified parking lot or valet, this kind of shit matters.  now, onto what we ordered…


brandi got the ma’am sir brunch plate which included her choice of longganisa, tocino or crispy dried fish paired with garlic rice, rice porridge, 2 fried eggs and pan de sal.  all of that was only $18 and  the portion was hefty!  her boyfriend got the hangover fried rice which consisted of chinese sweet sausage, fried egg, fried ginger and smoked fish.  and after much contemplation, i decided on getting a filipino classic – the chicken adobo (which was served with garlic rice).  i started with a side of fries and because i am a weirdo, i eat my foods one thing at a time…sue me.




each of us thoroughly enjoyed every bite.  i also enjoyed every sip of my elderflower spritz.




typically, i gravitate towards vodka or champagne during brunch (and if i am being honest, during life) but i am a sucker for elderflower anything.  the elderflower spritz was gin based with st. germain, cava and thyme.  it was light, crisp and refreshing.  i also appreciated that it did not overpower the meal.  sometimes, gin can be a bit aggressive and that was not at all the case here.


to see what more of their dishes look like, visit their instagram.  if you are smart though, you will just visit in person – you won’t be sorry.


their address is 4330 w sunset blvd. los angeles, ca 90029.


if you go, let me know what you ordered!



k. tap

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