new doors

i have had a multiple conversations this week that center around this idea of new doors opening.


a close friend of mine from undergrad hit me up this week to talk about scheduling a trip to la since we are overdue for some quality time.  we ended up doing a mini recap and he is absolutely killing it at work.  now, he has been at this company for over six years and has been absolutely vital to the company’s growth.  however, in the last several months, there has been this surge of badassery.  when discussing what shifted during that time, the most significant thing was ending a toxic relationship with his girlfriend.  the second that piece was removed, everything else began to fall into place.


now, shifting over to me.  due to a work conflict my friend has, i will now be doing the first leg of my spain trip solo.  while initially, i was a bit overwhelmed, i also realized that solo international travel is not something i have done before.  if not now, then when?  i also thought about how much great content i would have for upcoming blog posts, both about spain as a whole and my time spent reflecting.


both scenarios brought me back to this quote i stumbled across on pinterest:




“old ways won’t open new doors.”


for my friend who is now excelling at work, it had become a pattern to be in relationships that aren’t always the healthiest.  it had also become a pattern to get lost in said relationships.  there was this guilt about focusing on anything that was not his partner – this included work.  within one month of that relationship ending, i noticed a distinct difference in how he approached work and his relationships with his coworkers. in his line of work, connectivity with coworkers is crucial.  had he been doing things the same way he always had, these new doors would not have opened.


for myself, i think it is in my nature to like to stick to whatever the initial plan is.  often times, when that plan has shifted, i am less inclined to execute plan b.  now, i realized that the shift was out of both me and my friend’s control.  i also realized that if i am constantly asking clients, friends and family to step outside of their comfort zones, i need to be able to do the same.  otherwise, i run the risk of becoming stagnant.  i want to be sure countless doors are open for me.  i think this is a good step in that direction.


what old ways do you need to let go in order to open new doors?




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