le grand verre – french wine by the glass

hey lovelies!  while i hope those of you that had the day off, my true hope is that everyone remembers the significance of why we have the day off – so many people sacrificed their lives to fight for our country.  i couldn’t let memorial day pass without saying a little something.


recently, i was asked to be an ambassador for la grande verre – it is a french wine company that sells wine by the glass.  the second i heard about this, i was intrigued.  then, i saw how cute the bottles were and they are incredibly practical, especially with them being plastic and twist tops.  i thought to myself about how many times i may have wanted just a glass or two but would be frustrated when having to open an entire bottle (and more importantly, dealing with storing the bottle afterwards).  i figured if i ended up liking this wine, this could be the answer to all of my prayers.




now, you all know that i love wine but before agreeing to be an ambassador, i had to do an official taste test to see if this was a company i could get behind.  since my friend alan was in town, i thought there was no better person to participate in this taste testing with me.


the box was made with 100% recycled materials which i appreciated.  i got alan and i a few glasses and we started tasting:

  1. stollen ruby relaxed red is 70% cabernet sauvignon and 30% merlot – alan described this one as light, fruity, smooth and a little tart whereas i thought it smelled like vanilla, tasted a little like blackberries and was subtly sweet.  this was my favorite red because it was just so easy to drink and not as heavy as a lot of red i have tried.  it is a red i think is even doable in the summer which is rare for me to say.
  2. domaine de la pagerie is a pinot noir – this was alan’s favorite!  he described it as medium bodied with hints of cherry and was balanced from start to finish.  for me, this was floral for a pinot.  it was also lighter than i anticipated but not as light as the first red.
  3. clos roussely is a sauvignon blanc – alan described this one as fruity and sweet compared to either of the reds.  i was obsessed with this one and that is probably because it smelled and tasted like peaches, which i absolutely love.  it also had these subtle floral notes and it just reminded me of summer.
  4. anjou vieilles vignes is 85% chenin blanc and 15% chardonnay – alan described this one as smooth, soft and thought it tasted like apple.  i thought it smelled tart but tasted a bit sweet – almost like honey.  this was incredibly easy to drink.


the pours are 6.3 ounces each which is a healthy glass.  i would also suggest these if you were spending a day at the park for a picnic and wanted something easy to transport and if you want to avoid dealing with glass.


you can build your own box or you can pick a box that has been preset for you.  knowing what i now know, i would build my own box because i would want more than one sauvignon blanc – one glass just isn’t enough when it is that good.


whether you are getting this for yourself or for someone as a gift, le grand verre will not disappoint.


which wine sounds like it would suit you best?






2 thoughts on “le grand verre – french wine by the glass

  1. Lauren O

    Hi! Did you continue to get this wine shipment past this review? I’m having a hard time finding any non-sponsored reviews to determine if the wines are actually quality. Would love your insight.


    1. keep up with k.tap

      hi lauren! i did do a couple of additional shipments. that being said, between my memberships at both nocking point and domaine carneros, plus my love for the 5 cent wine sale at bevmo, it didn’t make sense for me to keep this one. additionally, if i really loved one of the wines, there was only one serving. i hope this was helpful!


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