national donut day

even though i am a sucker for savory foods, i could not pass up treating myself (and my friend jess) to donuts in honor of national donut day.


when i am in la, my favorite place to get a good donut is at great maple – they have these maple bacon donuts that are lightly dusted in powdered sugar that are to die for.  one order comes with three so it is the perfect dessert to share after a meal.  you can read more about great maple here.


since i am kicking off my summer vacation in the bay area (which was the place i called home for 10 years), i had to stop by my favorite hole in the wall donut shop.  best donuts is located at 24 washington street in santa clara, ca.  the name is fitting because their donuts, service and pricing are the best.  if i had to choose just one donut to get from best donuts, it would have to be the maple bar.




a very close second would have to be the glazed coconut donut.




both are always fresh with the perfect ratio of glaze to dough.  while i do not eat sweets often, it almost seems like it would be sinful to not stop by best donuts while i am in santa clara.


what is your favorite donut shop?  do you have a go to donut?


happy friday!



k. tap

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