thought of the week: just do it.

even though on the show “insecure” i am #teamissa, in real life, it is hard not to love jay ellis (who plays lawrence on hbo’s hit show – season four will be airing this summer!).


earlier this week, he posted a simple quote that had me in deep thought for hours afterwards.




“often, people who can do, don’t because they’re afraid of what people who can’t do will say about them doing”




i found this to be applicable to many things in my own life.  i was hesitant about starting this blog,  i used to be unsure about what i wanted to wear to the pool or beach being in this bigger body of mine (thank god i got over that), i almost didn’t get my first one bedroom apartment at 21 just because most of the people around me weren’t doing it – this list could go on forever and ever.

but here’s the thing – i knew i could do all of those things whether it was starting the blog, rocking a bikini, living on my own in a city with no family; i knew i could do it because i knew i was a badass. now, at a younger age, i was much more concerned about what people around me would say and think about the choices i was making. not only did their opinions not really matter but for the ones who did weigh in negatively, it really was more of a reflection of how they viewed themselves.

why would i allow someone else’s insecurities impact my decision making?

think about it: what is something you are fully capable of doing that you have been holding off on due to fear of what people (who aren’t even capable of doing what you can) have to say? if your list was as long as mine in my early to mid 20s, it is time to get to work.

just do it.


k. tap

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