thought of the week: who you surround yourself with directly impacts your energy

over the last week, i have been totally surrounded by great people with even greater energy.  last wednesday, i was able to connect with two old friends, one of which is always helping me come up with new ways to elevate my blog.  over the weekend, i went to nola for a bachelorette party.  if i am being completely honest, i had some anxiety going into the weekend because i have been to some bachelorette parties that are rocky at best.  an added layer of anxiety came from not knowing all of the attendees beforehand.  this anxiety was literally for nothing.  the weekend was absolutely seamless and not just because we were turnt for the bulk of the weekend – there were plenty of incredibly deep conversations, even between those of us who did not know one another beforehand.  today was the second day i had to cancel plans due to food poisoning – rather than completely drop our plans for dinner, my dear friend jessica asked what she could bring me from the market so we could catch up on my couch.  not only were the sourdough baguette and watermelon exactly what my dehydrated self needed, but the beautiful bouquet she brought over brightened my day (and my dining room).


even as an introvert, all of these interactions left me feeling reinvigorated.  and here’s the thing each person/interaction had in common: i did not have to be “on” for any of these people/things.  it made me think about if i am as introverted as i think (and as the multiple assessments say i am) or if i am only slightly introverted but am just sick of being surrounded by people where i have to be “on”…


i stumbled across this quote on twitter from maryamhasnaa and it made the last week make a lot more sense.




“energy management tip: surround yourself with people who you don’t have to perform for.”


how much energy do i dish out monthly, weekly or daily on people who i have to perform for?  how much energy would i have left to allocate to other things if i was managing my energy better?


with us starting a new month this upcoming monday, i am going to be keeping a closer eye on how i am managing my energy which will include looking more closely at who i surround myself with.


how do you manage your energy?



k. tap

2 thoughts on “thought of the week: who you surround yourself with directly impacts your energy

  1. Alison Hiller

    Girl- the incredibly deep conversation with people you didn’t know beforehand part made me think of you and the photographer mid conversation when I walked in to grab something from my bag at Christine and Karl’s wedding. You get what you give and your positive vibes are always great to be around! xx


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