national stripes day

about a week ago, mandy moore (who i have been obsessed with since grade school when the song “candy” came out –> the obsession continued with both the movie and soundtrack for “a walk to remember” when i was in junior high –> and it is going strong since she is knocking it out of the park on the hit show “this is us”) posted this adorable photo of her in a bright, striped dress and said she was a little early for national stripes day.  i had no idea national stripes day was even a thing which is odd since i love most prints, stripes included.  apparently, it is on june 21st so here we are.


in honor of flashback friday, i figured i would include toddler me rocking a striped outfit.



here are some things that haven’t changed: green is still one of my favorite colors, i still love when my hair is braided and often wear high ponies/buns whether it is braided or not, i am all about throwing on a denim shirt or jacket to break up the rest of my fit.


while i have a striped scarf that i often wear in the fall or winter and multiple striped dresses and rompers i have worn to events over the years, i wanted something striped to travel to new orleans in (i am here for a bachelorette party this weekend).  when i did a quick weather check and saw it was going to be 92 degrees with intense levels of humidity, i knew i needed something light and breathable.  when i was in target doing a little shopping for my apartment earlier this week, i stumbled across this super soft and light striped dress by ava + viv in the plus sized section.  for only $24.99, i had to get it!



i paired it with a dad cap, a lightweight cardigan and my high top converse.  even though it is hot in nola, i don’t ever get on a plane without at least a lightweight sweater – you can never be sure of the temperatures you’ll encounter.


for my plus sized girls, here are some other cute striped dress options for summer:





and don’t worry, i have some awesome striped dress options in standard sizing as well:





how do you like to rock your stripes?



k. tap


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