this month, i am covering a book i have read cover to cover on more than one occasion and it is a book i am sure to read again.




when i was gifted “salt.” by nayyirah waheed from marilena, my college roommate turned sister turned soulmate, i knew i was in for a treat.  marilena tends to gift me exactly what i need at the exact time i need it – whether it is introducing me to the dip brow by anastasia beverly hills during a weekend at coachella a few years back, treating me to a 24 hour getaway in napa amidst the chaos of my final year of grad school or gifting me this book full of poems that hit so close to home, i felt like i wrote some of them (especially with the author being a woman of color who does not use capital letters) – she always knocks it out of the park.



*this is marilena and i back in january of this year in sf – we happened to overlap long enough to have a brunch date while both of us were in town for other engagements.  we also happen to be in sync on the reg and color coordinate coincidentally.


before i share a few of my favorite poems from this book, just know it is one you need and should purchase immediately.  you can get a copy here.


something to note is that while some of these will just always be favorites of mine, there are others that rotate in and out depending on where i am in my life.  i think once you get the book, you will definitely see what i mean.



“your skin is infamous for making me late to work.  — you know i ain’t got time for that laugh and those eyes.  you ain’t right.”

this one was my absolute favorite the first time i read it and is still one of them.  it reminded me of those beginning stages of falling in love when all you want to do is soak up the other person’s goodness and in doing so, time no longer exists.



“the most gorgeous thing on a human is vulnerability.  — want.”

this is another one that stood out during my first read and in each read thereafter, has struck me in a different way.  in 2019, i have been more vulnerable than i ever thought was possible for me.  it is risky but beautiful.



“when you are struggling in your writing (art). it usually means you are hearing one thing.  but writing (creating) another.  — honest / risk”

in rereading the book, this is one that caught my attention.  last week, i had returned home from a cruise to ensanada.  at any given time, i have dozens of topics to blog about that i keep on a google doc – i keep this doc active because i never want to be low on content and want to be able to jot down notes no matter where i am.  because of this, it is pretty rare for me to experience writer’s block.  yet here i was – sitting at my macbook with little to nothing to write about.  there was no topic for me to expand on.  then it hit me – what i was supposed to be writing was a love letter that was long overdue to the recipient.  and then it began – hours and hours of typing.  i haven’t had writer’s block since i hit ‘send’ on that letter.



“if you are softer than before they came.  you have been loved.”

i have previously been in relationships where the love i needed was not being given.  this definitely contributed to hardening my shell.  part of what let me know the letter i sent last week needed to leave my mind, my heart and my macbook was because there has never been another person to bring out this ultra soft and gentle side of me.  that is love (or at least a part of it i had not fully experienced).


if you have read “salt.”, what poem(s) is your favorite?  if you have not read “salt.”, what did you think of the poems i shared above?



k. tap



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