it was not until two hours ago that i realized it was saturday and not sunday.  some years ago, i probably would not have been happy about being on my couch on a saturday night.  at 29, i am elated to have an evening to myself.


with me living in la, there is always something to get into on a saturday night.  some people talk about “fomo” also known as “fear of missing out.”  on the weekends, people scroll through instagram and might be a little down because they are not partaking in the fun they see on their timeline.  that is not a feeling i have had in quite some time.


i saw this some months back and laughed out loud because it could have been written by me for me.




“jomo (noun).  joy of missing out.  feeling content with staying in and disconnecting as a form of self-care.  antonym: fomo.”


are you more of a jomo or fomo person?  maybe you are a bit of a both?  i would love to hear about it below.



k. tap



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