summer salad

i find summer to be a bit difficult in terms of preparing my meals.  even though i have more time during summer to cook/meal prep, because i live in a building that is literally 90 years old, i do not have full fledged central air.  instead, i have these wall units in both my living room and my bedroom (which i am incredibly grateful for since i live on the second floor and heat rises to the top).  with that being said, i hate turning on my stove or oven after 10am and before like 10pm.  this can be problematic for someone like me that makes an effort to fast intermittently day to day.  my standard eating window is from 12pm to 8pm which is when my apartment tends to be the warmest.  one of the things on my to do list for this summer was to come up with a few meals that are easy to prep and do not require me to turn on my stove or oven.


i have always loved a good caprese salad but usually see it as more of a starter versus a meal as i am typically not full after consuming one.  this summer, i found the perfect additions to make it more complete.




all of the ingredients can be purchased from trader joe’s or your local market.


ingredients for k. tap’s summer salad:

  • coppa, prosciutto or salami (above, coppa is used)
  • mozzarella balls (these mozzarella balls are marinated in both olive oil and pesto so you can choose to add in fresh basil if you wish but it is not required)
  • grape tomatoes
  • scoop of guacamole or 1/2 of a mid sized avocado (diced)
  • balsamic vinegar
  • garlic salt
  • black pepper


i typically start from the outside and work my way inward.  i lay between 6 to 8 pieces of coppa down.  then, i place the mozzarella balls.  next, i add the grape tomatoes.  i gently spoon the guacamole or avocado in the center.  i generously drizzle balsamic vinegar over the mozzarella, tomatoes and guac.  lastly, i sprinkle garlic salt and black pepper.


not only is this salad tasty but i am typically full for 3-4 hours after eating it.   it is perfect because it only takes five minutes to throw together, is essentially carb free, packed with flavor and the best part of all?  i do not have to turn on my stove or oven to prepare it!


if you love caprese salads, try it my way and let me know how you like it.



k. tap


p.s. if you are lucky enough to have central air and don’t mind turning on your oven, click here for the recipe to my savory southwest salmon salad – it is one of my go to meals!

3 thoughts on “summer salad

      1. oliveunicorn

        Fish , chicken , veggies , even homemade pizzas and burritos . With fish i like to marinate it in a papaya sauce or a garlic herb . Its so good and pairs well with anything green like zucchini or asparagus.


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