thought of the week: big things are achieved not all at once

if you know me well, you know that i love birthdays.  i view my birthday as the start of the new year and as a result, tend to do a ton of reflecting around that time.  while my birthday is not until february, i am already planning for this upcoming year because it is a big one.


i am turning 30.


let’s rewind a decade: if you would have asked me where i saw myself at 30, i would have said that i would be raising at least one child and working as a therapist while living near pasadena.  now, let’s rewind two years ago: i would have said all of the aforementioned + being married.


my half birthday just passed so we are less than six months out.  while i am working as a therapist and living near pasadena, i am not married or expecting a child anytime soon.  i feel like i have over 100 kids working at a high school.  i think it is easy to focus on the things that haven’t been accomplished versus the things that have.  with a good chunk of my friends being engaged or married, i am very aware that i am not in a relationship.  i am also aware that me being single plays into the difficulty of having a child.  i think if you would have asked me at 27 if i would be happy at 29 if both the relationship and child boxes were left unchecked, i would have said that them being unchecked just was not an option.


i have done a great deal of work letting go of the hard deadlines that both society and i had placed on myself.  not only has the world kept spinning without those two boxes being checked, i have accomplished more than i thought was possible by 29.  some of those accomplishments would not have been possible with a partner or a child.  using some of the same gentleness i use with my clients on myself has been incredibly beneficial.


this quote reminded me of said gentleness:




“when your head hits the pillow tonight, remind yourself that you’ve done a good job.  be patient with yourself, and remember that big things are achieved not all at once, but one day at a time.”


getting two degrees took time.  making my way back to la after a decade in the bay took time.  launching this blog took time.  the work i have done on myself has taken/is taking time.  anything else magnificent will also take time.


i am still doing a kickass job.  you are, too.



k. tap

kreation with k.tap

yesterday, i was fortunate enough to get to reconnect with gigi, one of my friends i met in residence life while working at scu during grad school. one of the reasons why i used the word fortunate is because this girl has been traveling the world while teaching yoga so we have not been together in person for at least the last 2+ years. but hey, the best friends are those you can go awhile without seeing and pick up right where you left off.

we knew coffee was on the agenda but it had slipped my mind that gigi has been vegan for quite some time now. even being in la, not every place caters to different dietary needs. the first place we went to looked good but only offered an assortment of gourmet doughnuts with different types of coffee. i remembered passing a place just a couple of doors down that looked like it could accommodate both me and gigi. let me introduce you to kreation – a place i will definitely be going back to.

first things first – my vanilla latte was to die for. so much so that i had two (and this is as someone who no longer drinks caffeine daily). i appreciated that no matter your milk choice, the price of the latte is set.

the bruschetta was perfectly marinated and i enjoyed every single bite.

i am a sucker for a good yogurt dip. this one was zesty and the dill really popped.

all of their dips are served with this whole wheat lavash. i love how you still get the carb fix without it being as heavy as pita bread or as unhealthy as chips.

i had to snap a picture of their napkin because it truly embodies their mission of being an organic establishment without the consumer feeling deprived in the process. i truly felt like i indulged yet i consumed about half the calories i would at a happy hour. i was also floored with how reasonable their prices were. typically, it is more expensive to eat healthily and so this was a pleasant surprise.

even though both items i ordered did not have meat, there were several options that included meat, making this a great place for anyone, regardless of dietary restrictions.

there are several locations but we went to the one in venice in abbot kinney. the vibe was super cute yet relaxed and the customer service was great. 10/10 would return.

if you are in a hurry, they also accept to go orders online. this is something i will definitely consider the next time i am in venice to go to the beach as opposed to eating something i might later regret.

have you been to kreation? if so, what’s your favorite thing to order?



thought of the week: all of the things healers don’t say

tomorrow is my first full day of work as a school counselor and i cannot believe it is the start of my third year in this role.  while half of the time, i am doing academic counseling, the other half of the time is devoted to personal counseling.  i definitely fulfill the roles of a helper and a healer.  with that being said, i know that because i do not wear my heart on my sleeve, there is a ton that i do not come out and say.  when i saw this post on instagram recently, i thought it was worth sharing, especially for those of you who are in roles and helpers and healers.




“healers have tough days.

healers have boundaries.

healers can say ‘no.’

healers can say ‘i’m not the healer for you.’

healers need time to heal.”

-liana naima


i think it is important to acknowledge that some days will be rougher than others, especially as a counselor.  i have already been doing a ton of work on using the word ‘no’ and creating healthier boundaries but something i need to work on (mainly in my personal life) is verbalizing to some family and friends that i am not the healer for them. this summer was great for me because i took time to just focus on me and that included some healing.


what parts of this beautiful quote resonate with you?  what part would be the most difficult?



k. tap

spicy like tabasco

even though there is still about a month left of summer, with work resuming for me next week, it feels like summer is coming to a close. when i think of summer, i think of super bright colors but as we are transitioning into fall, i think of colors that are a bit warmer. this brings me to one of my favorite recent purchases – this ribbed t-shirt dress from asos.

while i would describe this dress as a burnt orange, i love how asos described it as tabasco. as a hot sauce fanatic, i appreciated how they described the color.

the kimono is one i’ve had for years from forever 21 but the gladiators are a more recent purchase my mom gifted me from torrid.

what i love is how effortless it was to throw this outfit together and it was perfect for this warmer weather. it’s easy and breezy.

what are your favorite retailers to get easy and breezy outfits from?


k. tap

sparkling summer sangria

it is no secret that i love a good cocktail.  during summer, i gravitate towards drinks that are light and refreshing.  even though i make a great red sangria, in may, i started experimenting with white and rosé sangrias.  my godsister and her husband are hosting a few of us at their new place today and there was no way i could arrive empty handed.  i figured the perfect housewarming gifts were an orchid, a rose water and ivy candle and of course, my sparkling summer sangria.




ingredients (most of which can be found at trader joe’s):

  1. three bottles of espiral white wine
  2. 12 ounces of your favorite vodka
  3. one pound of diced watermelon
  4. one small container of raspberries
  5. 12 strawberries (cut into 1/4s)
  6. two lemons (cut into 1/6s)
  7. a splash of sprite
  8. ice




the first thing i do is pour the vodka into the gallon pitcher and then squeeze the lemons into the container before dropping them in.  next, i add the raspberries, strawberries and watermelon.  then, i add the bottles of espiral white wine.  if you plan on going through all of the sangria in one day, you can pour sprite directly into the pitcher.  otherwise, you can pour sprite into each individual glass.  lastly, throw a few ice cubes into each glass to keep it nice and cold on a summer day.




what is your favorite type of sangria?  if you make this, please let me know how you like it!



k. tap