being that i work somewhere that often requires me to see clients back to back to back, there are times where i do not go outside for seven hours at a time.  with that being said, there are few things that compare to having a great meal and some pretty cocktails with a view with people who started off as coworkers and have become some of my closest friends.  if you haven’t already been, you have to add this place to your list of places to go in downtown la – perch.


prior to today, i had only been to perch in the evenings.  at night, the vibe is dark and sultry.  seeing it during the day presented an entirely different vibe – it was warm and inviting.  my girls and i sat outside on the covered terrace for brunch and started with some cocktails.




the berry la was pretty much made for me.  it had vodka, st. germaine, berries, lemon and rose and is light, subtly sweet and refreshing.  both amanda and rebecca started off with the penthouse passion which is tequila based with mint, lime and passion fruit puree and described it as tart with a little kick at the end.  we also ordered a bottle of the poema cava brut and i just decided to keep my first glass with the ice and berries because it was getting a little toasty on the terrace + because i love fruit that has been sitting in bubbles.  is there anything better?


we shared the baked brie and it did not disappoint, especially with the freshness of the apple pecan slaw.




their take on huevos rancheros was beautifully plated and thoroughly enjoyed by amanda.




i am a sucker for a burger at brunch so i had to try it.  the burger was so juicy and who doesn’t love gruyere cheese and a fried egg?  because i am obsessed with avocado, i had them add it.  the burger is served with fries or a salad – i am going to keep it 100, i pretty much never say no to fries.   i have no regrets whatsoever.




instead of dessert, we opted for another cocktail.  this is easily one of the best drinks i have ever had.  as a blogger, i found it both hilarious and ironic that it is called writers block.  it has grey goose la poire vodka, st. germain, lemon and sparkling wine.  absolutely delicious.




once we wrapped up the eating portion, we headed to the rooftop and met easily the most hilarious security guard i have ever encountered in life.  he also took like 15 pictures of us from various angles when we asked for one which made me so happy because i love an option but don’t want to be the annoying customer that is like, “can we please get some standing shots as well?”  it was such a clear day and the views were gorgeous.




whether you go during the day for brunch, at night for dinner or just to the rooftop at any time for cocktails, this place is an absolute must.


i wouldn’t go without a reservation but opentable makes that ridiculously easy.


have you been to perch?  what’s your favorite dish on the menu?  and more importantly, your favorite cocktail?



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