sol body

there is nothing like a 96 degree day to make you want to show a little extra skin. and while i know i’ve talked about my summer skincare essentials i have yet to introduce you to sol body.

as if i wasn’t already obsessing enough over colourpop cosmetics, these sol body shimmering dry oils have me shook. they have the perfect amount of glitter and shimmer to highlight or apply on any part of your body without leaving a gross residue or making you look shiny/greasy. while it can be worked in with your fingertips, the sol body kabuki brush makes it exponentially easier, feels great against the skin and then you do not have to deal with getting the product off your fingertips afterwards.

pictured above is the “warm gold” which honestly would look good on any skin tone. i can say this confidently because my friend stephanie and i can’t typically share makeup meant for skin because i am a dark skinned black girl and she is a fair skinned white girl. somehow, sol body was the exception.

with my off the shoulder dress showing a bit more skin than i do day to day, it was great to have a little glow. i felt perfectly sun kissed .

do you own any of the sol body shimmering dry oils? if so, which one is your favorite?

enjoy the long weekend!


k. tap

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