thought of the week: it’s not just you

i travel quite a bit whether it be for business or pleasure.  while airports can be stressful for some people, if timed properly, airports can be a wonderful place to be.  one of my favorite things about them are the different art installations.  lax has been undergoing a pretty serious remodel and this piece below is right past security when heading towards the escalators in terminal one.




“everyone’s going through something”


what first drew me in were the colors.  it made this particular piece pop off of the wall.  then i noticed how the two girls on the right are just holding and comforting one another.  with me working in mental health at an all girls school, i could really appreciate what that represented. and then, i finally read the message: everyone’s going through something.


it is simple.  it is to the point.  it is ridiculously accurate.  it is something i remind my clients of when they are feeling alone/as if no one else understands.  it is something i actively remind myself of on days where i am not being as compassionate and empathetic as i could be.  it is a much needed reminder that no one’s life is perfect, despite what it may look like from the outside/on social media.


it’s not just you that’s going through something.  remember that.



k. tap

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