the parlor

over the weekend, a dear friend of mine from childhood turned 30. leighia and i are both big on birthdays. i wouldn’t miss the opportunity to celebrate her. so, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that i absolutely adored the place we started off our saturday – the parlor.

the parlor is in la on melrose and is technically a sports bar. the cute covered patio, neon signs and to die for cocktails definitely made me forget i was in a sports bar. them taking reservations just made it seem less like a sports bar. now for those of you who care about college football, they open early on the weekends when there are games on, there are signs and flags of dozens of teams and about a trillion screens to watch the game on.

now, onto the fun stuff.

i am a sucker for a slushy drink, especially on a summer day. this one is called “peach don’t kill my vibe” and is gin based. what i liked about it was that it still felt light and refreshing. even though i love frozen drinks, sometimes they are too sweet. that wasn’t the case here.

next, we decided to do some cocktails on the rocks. the one on the left is “summer breeze” and the one on the right is “sweet melrose” – both are vodka based but summer breeze was a bit sweeter whereas sweet melrose was more tart. the birthday girl loved summer breeze!

for my entree, i had the eggs benedict florentine and added avocado. it was scrumptious and there was not a bite left on my plate. i think it will be impossible for me to try anything else on the menu at this point. i have included the menu below – it had just enough variety to choose from without being totally overwhelming.

i will definitely be back. i thought our server did a great job balancing a party of nearly 20. he even offered to do separate checks which just made the boozy brunch even easier to navigate. the location makes it easy for it to be one of the stops during a day of day drinking. i can’t wait to go back with some of my girlfriends who are visiting from the bay soon.

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