spice up your life!

happy saturday!  i hope you enjoyed my spice girls reference as much as i know you will enjoy this recipe.   i am a sucker for a good snack and on the weekends outside of brunch, i tend to just nibble here and there.  i also tend to gravitate towards foods with a kick and this dip is no different.  anjelica (or my twin as i call her) served this to me one day at her house and i was hooked.  there isn’t an official name for the dip/sauce because it is one she just created in her kitchen but it deserves to be named, bottled and mass produced.   visit her blog for other great recipes and all things lifestyle oriented.


first things first, let’s start with ingredients (which are fairly simple):

  1. chobani nonfat greek yogurt (plain, 32 ounces)
  2. minced garlic (in water – 3 teaspoons)
  3. bundle of cilantro (hand chopped finely)
  4. chili paste (start with 3 tablespoons – i tend to use 5 tablespoons but i like things that are very spicy)
  5. limes (3 limes – if they are really juicy, 2 will do the trick)
  6. kosher salt (to taste)
  7. black pepper (to taste)




i typically put the greek yogurt in a large mixing bowl first.  then, i add in the cilantro.  next, i add in the garlic and the chili paste.  afterwards, i squeeze the limes into the mixture.  and i finish it off with salt and pepper.  i had my godsister over as a taste tester yesterday and felt like it could be a bit more spicy so we added some additional chili paste.  afterwards, i usually put some into a pyrex and the rest into a squeezable condiment bottle.


i serve this with tortilla chips (the ones pictured are the jalapeño ones but i also love the lime ones) and/or raw veggies (like carrots, celery, broccoli or grape tomatoes).  i also use it as a dressing over salads or in place of sour cream on shrimp tacos (the recipe will be on the blog next week!).  if i want a different flavor on my breakfast potatoes, i will melt cheese and drizzle this over it.  if i am being honest, i can probably eat this with a spoon all by itself but hey, i do have some self control.






if you are looking for a good appetizer or trying to have a healthier version of one of your favorite condiments, then this is the dip for you.  once you make it, let me know what you think!


hope you are enjoying your weekend – i certainly am enjoying mine.



k. tap



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